Runestags (or, more generally, runedeer) are a type of deer native to Ardenweald.




Concept art.

  • One of the possible shapes from the [Soulshape] covenant ability is that of a runestag.
  • Runestags were designed by character artist Natacha Nielsen, who wanted a powerful and elegant creature that would instantly read as a stag while also feeling different from anything seen on Azeroth. She incorporated leaves into the coat and tail and glowing anima shapes along the body to show that the creatures are truly a part of Ardenweald's forest, as well as three distinct antler variations to ensure a lot of variety among the stags in the zone. When designing the mount version of the model, she echoed the overall look of Ardenweald with leaf-like designs and materials matching those used by the Night Fae (primarily leather, followed by sap glass, leaves, and very small amounts of metal accents).[1]


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