Image of Ruuzel
Gender Female
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level 7-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Wrathtail
Location Ruuzel's Isle, Ashenvale[6, 13]

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Ruuzel is a naga found on Ruuzel's Isle in Ashenvale. Talen wants the ring Ruuzel possesses.


  • Hand of Azshara - Harness the power of the deep, drawing the target toward the caster.
  • Swoop - Inflicts 50% weapon damage to an enemy, knocking them back a short distance.
Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.
  • Battle Stance
  • Heroic Strike

Objective of


  • Assemble the schools. We will wash away even the memories of the Alliance and the Horde from Ashenvale!
  • Destroy Zoram'gar Outpost! Destory the Blackfathom Camp! We march on Maestra's Post and by nightfall Astrannar will lie in ruins!
  • The Cataclysm is only the beginning. Let the two-legs drown in the sea of their own blood!
  • Prepare yourselves. We attack at high tide!
  • I see you, land-walker. come to me... we shall parlay.
  • To arms! Invaders approach! Strike them down! Let none survive!
  • Let the might of Zoram rise! Let our enemies be crushed within our coils! Go forth and teach them what it means to face the Wrathtail!
  • Our great queen beckons us forward. Let us turn the waters red with the blood of our enemies!

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