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(Baron Sablemane)
Title <Black Dragonflight>
Gender Male
Race Black dragon (Dragonkin)
Class Mage, Alchemist[1]
Resource Mana
Affiliation(s) Obsidian Brood (Sabellian), Black dragonflight
Former affiliation(s) Horde of Draenor
Occupation General of the black dragonflight, lord of the Obsidian Brood
Former occupation(s) Prime lieutenant of Deathwing
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Deathwing (father),
Onyxia, Nefarian, Nyxondra[2] (half-siblings)[3]
Wrathion (nephew[note 1])
Ebyssian (brother)

“Even for friends, there must be a price. Free things destroy friendships.”

— Baron Sablemane[4]

Sabellian, also known as Baron Sablemane, is a black dragon, son of the black Dragon Aspect, Deathwing.[5] Following the resurgence of the black dragonflight after the Second War, he was described as his lieutenant in all things prior to the black Aspect's abandonment of Draenor.[6] When Deathwing entrusted Sabellian with caretaking the black dragonflight, Sabellian remained for decades in what became the shattered Outland to lead his own brood of black dragons.

At the time of the invasion of Outland, he worked with Alliance and Horde adventurers in the guise of a human named Baron Sablemane, in order to destroy his nemesis Gruul the Dragonkiller and his offspring, and take control of the Blade's Edge Mountains. Following their victory, he and his brood became the masters of the mountainous region and imposed their will on it.

Since the Cataclysm and the death of Deathwing, Sabellian sees himself as the rightful heir to be the new leader of the black dragonflight, claiming to have been anointed caretaker of the flight by Neltharion himself.[7] When the Dragon Isles awakened, Sabellian and his dragons left the Blade's Edge Mountains of Outland to return to Azeroth. After they recovered the Obsidian Citadel from the djaradin, he and Wrathion began a competition for Neltharion's succession as the new black Aspect.

This competition ended when the two brothers delved into Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. Realizing that his vision of Neltharion's leadership was skewed, and that he had been emulating the wrong path; Sabellian withdrew his claim for Aspect. Instead, he and Wrathion both realized they were not suited, instead turning to their brother Ebyssian, who had been counseling them the entire time, to become the new Aspect. After Ebyssian was acknowledged as the new Earth-Warder by Alexstrasza, Sabellian was made general of the black dragonflight to lead alongside him and Wrathion.


Sabellian claims that he has been pursuing the rebuilding of his flight for 'millennia'. Whether or not this means he was somehow spared from the corruption of his people is unknown, nor how he evaded it.[8] He states he was present for Neltharion leading the flight prior to his corruption, and originally aspired to lead the flight to emulate this leadership. He would later go on to acknowledge that Neltharion's leadership was flawed even then.[9]

Beyond the Dark Portal[]

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Alongside the rest of his flight, Sabellian was called out of hiding by Deathwing following the end of the Second War. Deathwing believed that the black dragonflight could replenish themselves on Draenor, away from the other dragonflights, striking up an alliance with Ner'zhul's Horde.[10] Sabellian and his brethren transported the orc chieftains Fenris Wolfbrother, Tagar Spinebreaker, and a small party of orcs to Menethil Harbor, on their way to retrieve the Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras. The black dragons destroyed three ships of the Kul Tiran navy on the way.[11] Once the artifacts were secured he followed Deathwing to the orcs' homeworld of Draenor. Deathwing intended on storing away eggs on Draenor where they could safely be raised without the risk of being attacked by the black flight's enemies on Azeroth.

Once on Draenor, the black dragons settled into Gorgrond and Frostfire Ridge. They were not there long before they were attacked by Gruul, his offspring, and a small group of Alliance Expedition fighters. The eggs were destroyed and Deathwing was forced to flee from battle.[12] Sabellian was left as one of the survivors of this battle.

The Burning Crusade[]

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Sabellian while fighting Goc.

While Deathwing managed to return to Azeroth, Sabellian remained behind on Draenor — now Outland — after the destruction of the Dark Portal. He is a fierce enemy of Gruul the Dragonkiller and Gruul's seven sons, and hates them deeply for killing Sabellian's own people and children.

Sabellian has admitted that he counts Rexxar as one of his friends,[13] though it is implied that Rexxar is not aware that he is a black dragon.[14]

He communicates regularly with Samia Inkling through Baron Sablemane's Blackwhelp.

Sabellian wears the guise of Baron Sablemane. He is a quest giver located outside the Circle of Blood in the Blade's Edge Mountains -- the land that was created as a merger of Frostfire Ridge and Gorgrond. He assists adventurers in killing two of Gruul's sons: Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater and Goc, reverting to his true dragon form and personally fighting the latter.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

At the time of the Cataclysm, Sabellian and his brood of black dragons remained in Outland, while Wrathion on Azeroth was unaware of their continued existence.[15]

Exploring Azeroth[]

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Following the Fourth War, a report from Mathias Shaw mentioned that the SI:7 knows the true nature of Sabellian, that he was still in Outland, and at the time, was not an immediate threat.[16]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.
Sabellian - visage

Visage form in Dragonflight.

According to Sabellian's follower Osoria, in the years since Gruul's defeat Sabellian has bent the Blade's Edge Mountains to his will.[17] At some point, Sabellian found a way to cleanse the dragons on Outland of the Old Gods' corruption.[18]

When Sabellian and his brood of black dragons heard the call of the reawakening Dragon Isles, they left the Blade's Edge Mountains of Outland and returned to Azeroth. They later arrived on the Waking Shores and helped Wrathion to recover the upper courtyard of the Obsidian Citadel and the Obsidian Oathstone.[19][20] Sabellian began competing with Wrathion for control of the black dragonflight and the position of Dragon Aspect.[7]

Each claimant was quick to try and enlist adventures to their side, and their followers eagerly backed them up. While Sabellian's were focused on how he had helped his fellow black dragons, Wrathion's were on the success of his ends-of-the-means approached, veering into propaganda with Right and Left justifying his liberation of Garrosh Hellscream from his trial as necessary to prepare Azeroth for the Third invasion of the Burning Legion, an invasion that was inadvertency started by Garrosh's liberation, since it ultimately led to Gul'dan's arrival to Azeroth, where he would start the said invasion.[21][22] Wrathion's absence during the invasion was not commented on and it was shown that the bulk of Wrathion's support base was his Blacktalon agents, while the majority of Sabellian's support base was other black dragons.

As Sabellian went to deliver the black dragon eggs from Outland to the Ruby Pools, Wrathion insisted on accompanying him. As the pair traveled to the Ruby Lifeshrine via cart, Sabellian insisted they remain incognito, even when Wrathion pointed out that it was obvious that ruse had failed. After various attacks were fended off, the pair were attacked by Thaladrax, who destroyed the cart and the eggs within. An outraged Wrathion viewed this as a sign that the others would see reason and pick their new leader and rushed off to inform Alexstrasza.[23] When the Dragon Queen demanded answers, Sabellian revealed that he had used himself and Wrathion as bait to attract their enemies' attention, while his clutch of black dragons safely traveled by air to deliver the eggs. He then pledged his loyalty and that of his flight as Neltharion's heir to her. However, Alexstrasza was unmoved, recalling how Sabellian had played a part in Deathwing's twisted legacy, to which he had defended as being a matter of duty. Though she took the eggs under her care, she remarked that she would not get involved in their bickering and the matter of Aspectship between them was a matter for the black, not the red, to decide.[24]

Despite this, both Sabellian and Wrathion remained at the Ruby Lifeshrine for a time to see Mother Elion, who described them as "squabbling like children", to restore their flight's place there and defended the area during the Primalist attack.[25]

Sabellian and Wrathion then returned to the Obsidian Citadel, continuing their battle against the djaradin, while accepting pledges of loyalty from champions of the Horde and Alliance.

Embers of Neltharion[]

After the Incarnates opened the way into the Zaralek Cavern, Alexstrasza called upon Sabellian, Ebyssian, Wrathion, and the adventurer to enter and deal with Fyrakk. [26] While Sabellian and Wrathion immediately set off to the caverns, Ebyssian detoured and recruited Scalecommander Emberthal to their mission. Upon their arrival Wrathion found himself held at spearpoint by Khasar, Baba, and Raidon, while Sabellian observed Iridikron's Gambit.[27] Knowing that the the Shikaar had worked alongside the adventurer before, Wrathion turned to them to resolve the matter and confirm what had transpired. After confirming that Fyrakk was responsible for the death Shalkeel, Wrathion joined Sabellian in observing Iridikron's Gambit. He noted how the tunnel was massive and couldn't help but wonder Fyrakk alone entered or if he came with an army.[28]

Believing it to be a tactical mistake to wait any longer for Ebyssian and Emberthal to arrive, the pair ventured into the Zaralek Cavern, and encountered Primalists forces. As they prepared to battle, Wrathion heard a voice, but it turned to the back of his mind as he rushed forward to bring terror to his enemies. This strategy clashed with Sabellian, who wanted to take a stealth approach and believed that Wrathion was allowing himself to be baited by Summitshaper Lorac. Even as they clashed side by side against the Primalists, the pair continued to bicker about who would ascend to the obsidian throne. In the aftermath of Lorac's death, Sabellian admitted Wrathion had acquitted himself well in the fight, causing the Black Prince to thank him, only for Sabellian to promise to find a place for him among his troops. About to argue, once more, about who were to be the Aspect of the black dragonflight, Wrathion discovered Fyrakk approaching them and called out a warning to Sabellian, even as the Incarnate attacked. As they lay on the ground, the group was taken captive by deepflayers and taken to the Deepflayer Nest.[29]

Sabellian was able to successfully able to liberate himself and was soon approached by the adventurer, Wrathion, and their new ally the niffen Elder Honeypelt. At this reunion, Sabellian revealed that he was unimpressed with Wrathion and admitted that he expected more from the Black Prince after listening to him boast about he had single-handedly slain N'Zoth. Wrathion, however, retorted that it was a team effort, something Sabellian was incapable of understanding. This caused an outraged Sabellian to declare that they were the black dragonflight, that it meant something, and that Neltharion would have never fallen to such a foe. Wrathion was quick to call him out on comparing himself to their father and declared that he had shown his true colors, if that was his aspiration. Sabellian then broke away to investigate a relic that reminded him that used to belong to Neltharion, while Wrathion not realizing what his rival was doing merely thought he was walked away from, and decided to play that game.[30]

Secrets From Our Father - Sabellian and Neltharion

Sabellian and an echo of Neltharion.

As he examined the relic, he was approached by the adventurer and admitted that he had felt his head swimming ever since they entered the caverns, and thought the object may be the cause. He thus instructed them to seek out similar pieces in the nearby caves and then formally apologized for his behavior. He admitted that not only had his temper got the best of him, but that he reminded himself of his own father in that moment, but declared that it was who he was. He further explained that something about Zaralek was causing him to lose focus and become distracted, a fact which allowed Fyrakk to defeat them so easily. He vowed to not let it happen again and admitted that neither Wrathion nor the adventurer deserved his ire and requested they forgive his reaction and let them continue as companions. His forgiveness was accepted and the adventurer soon returned with news that the Sundered Flame was present in Zaralek and seeking out the same relics. He was subsequently able to activate the relic and learned about the existence of his father's laboratory, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.[31]

Six Hundred Feet Under

Sabellian with Ebyssian, Wrathion, and Scalecommander Emberthal.

Soon after Sabellian, joined the others in Loamm, where he was reunited with Ebyssian and Emberthal and revealed that the Sundered Flame were present within the caverns.[32] As Wrathion set off to learn about more Aberrus, Emberthal and Ebyssian decided to investigate Nal ks'kol, to which Sabellian recommended they ask Elder Honeypelt to serve as their guide as she had proven quite capable. As they departed, Sabellian focused his attention on dealing with Fyrakk.[33][34] In time Wrathion returned to the town and Sabellian offered to let him join his troops, with a high-ranking position, but Wrathion refused still convinced that he should become the Aspect of the flight. When Ebyssian and Emberthal returned, they found themselves questioned by the pair as to what treasures he and Emberthal had found. Unimpressed with their content, he questioned what was truly important and was who the rightful heir to a legacy of deceit, control, and fear. When Sabellian and Wrathion grew outraged at the destruction of the Oathbinder, Ebyssian called them out on their bickering, declared that Emberthal had done right for her people, and encouraged them to let go of the past, as their flight needed them here and now.[35]

Believing that Fyrakk's was within the Zaqali Caldera, Sabellian recruited Ebyssian and adventures with investigating the area and dealing with him. Upon the trio's arrival, they discovered a host of Djaradin within the area, the dragons also noted how the whispers had more power after their arrival at Igira's Watch.[36] As they investigated the area, the group discovered that the djaradin had discovered their elders, albeit only three with the fourth one missing, but also the present of shadowflame, the very poison that drove Neltharion to madness. With this discovery, Ebyssian declared that they had to stop it, in order to prevent the corruption from spreading.[37]

As the group did combat with the Zaqali djaradin, Sabellian directed adventurers with learning more about the Zaqali djaradin, by seeing how they make war in order to find their strengths and weaknesses.[38]As they ventured further, they discovered that Fyrakk had already awakened two of the djaradin elders, and did battle against enemy leaders. However, to their horror, they discovered that Fyrakk was bathing within shadowflame and consuming it. Fyrakk subsequently noticed them and attacked, leaving Sabellian infected, and Ebyssian carrying the group to safety on the dragon's back. Amused Fyrakk let them flee, while declaring that he would master what their flight could not control.[39]

Reeling from what transpired, Ebyssian questioned if Iridikron intentionally corrupted his brother or if Fyrakk merely fell into the temptation and vowed he would not lose Sabellian. For his part, Sabellian encouraged Ebyssian to focus on Fyrakk instead of him, only to be soundly rejected as Ebyssian refused to lose anyone to the shadowflame.[40] Following the shadowflame cleansing ritual, the group prevented the awakening of the Zaqali's final elder.[41][42] Determined to stop Fyrakk before they left the area, Sabellian had adventurers acquire a Inv spear 01 [Zaqali Dragonslayer's Spear], while Ebyssian questioned if these were the words of the general who protected the flight in Outland or a defeated warrior looking for revenge. In response, Sabellian declared that they were one and the same as revenge was how he protected their people in Outland.[43] Agreeing with Sabellian's plan, the group ventured off to find Fyrakk, only to discover that he had grown larger as he absorbed the caldera. Undaunted Sabellian attempted to assassinate Fyrakk only to fail as the Incarnate had been prepared for an attempt by the djaradin. With a blast of shadowflame, Fyrakk blasted them away and awakened Igira. As Ebyssian attempted to bring Sabellian and the adventurer to safety, he was pierced by the elder's spear and collapsed to the ground.[44]

Unwilling to leave Ebyssian, after he had refused to leave him Sabellian remained by his side and healed him, while the adventurer pulled the spear from his hide. Still wounded, Ebyssian and Sabellian had to travel by ground and instructed adventurers with cleansing shadowflame left in Fyrakk's wake by dragonriding through it and to meet them in Loamm once were done. Upon their arrival to the town, the dragons discovered Loamm bathed in flame.[45] Realizing the Fyrakk deliberately attacked the town, an outraged Ebyssian instructed his allies with saving Loamm and the niffen who called it home.[46] In the aftermath, Sabellian blamed himself, and Ebyssian reassured him that it wasn't his fault, that Fyrakk would have caused this suffering regardless of their actions. Thus the pair then reunited with Wrathion and returned to the Seat of the Aspects to inform Alexstrasza and the others of what had inspired. Upon learning that shadowflame resided within Zaralek, Alexstrasza initially barred the black dragonflight from returning, unwillingly to risk losing them, before Ebyssian convinced her that they had the strength to resist what lies below.[47]

Sometime later, Sabellian and his brothers returned to the Zaralek Caverns where they worked with a group of soldiers stationed by Neltharion at the Obsidian Rest, who remained loyal to the black dragonflight. Sabellian that nothing should stand in the way of their efforts to get inside the Laboratory and that it was of the utmost importance that they succeed in this task. When questioned about his wound, he admitted that it was fine and would take a lot more to take him down. His deeper worry however was what Fyrrak's transgression might mean for all of them, as stronger than the Incarnate had succumbed and lost their way in the shadowflame.[48]

Sabellian later joined the rest of the black dragonflight in fighting against the djaradin within the Battlefield Ruins, with him declaring that it was time to take back what was theirs. In the aftermath of the battle, they discovered that a group of djaradin had been killed by a group of unknown dragonkin force that still carried Neltharion's banner, and learned of the existence of the slitherdrakes. Sabellian noted how the dragonkin remained loyal to Neltharion and questioned if they were coming from Aberrus. Meanwhile, Wrathion personally found the slitherdrakes to be extraordinary creatures.[49][50] In contrast, Sabellian viewed them as Neltharion's failed experiments that could be made to serve the flight, as fodder for the battlefield. When Wrathion objected to his notion and questioned if he was just fodder to him as well, Sabellian confirmed that was precisely what he was, angering Wrathion who left in a huff. After he left, Ebyssian approached Sabellian and remarked that their fates were one and that they were brothers.[51][52]

Sabellian was later approached by Ebyssian, causing him to inquire if he should expect a lecture, only for Ebyssian to deny and recruit him for the assault on Aberrus.[53] The black dragonflight united as one as they clashed against Scalecommander Sarkareth's forces within the Brimstone Garrison. During the fighting, Sabellian ordered for the forces loyal to Neltharion to be exterminated as traitors to the black dragonflight.[54] After Emberthal and Ebyssian forced Sarkareth to flee into Aberrus, Wrathion and Sabellian chased him, determined to not let him gain control of the lab.[55] As they ventured into the lab, they were confronted by an echo of Neltharion, who tested each of them to see if they were his true heirs as they fought to claim Aberrus. In the end, both brothers failed as they balked at Neltharion's cruelty, though it was revealed that the echo was, in reality, a n'raqi.

After the death of Scalecommander Sarkareth, the events of Aberrus shook Sabellian as he confesses that in following Neltharion and aspiring to one day lead the black dragonflight as he did, he became unable, or perhaps unwilling, to acknowledge the malignancy of his father and commander's vision. He provides comfort to Wrathion of how the Black Prince only knew Neltharion as Deathwing, haunting his dreams and reveling in the certainty that he would become him. Both Sabellian and Wrathion then decided that the Aspectship of the black dragonflight should fall onto Ebyssian, one he humbly accepts.

Sabellian then joined the others in returning to the Seat of the Aspects as Ebyssian informed Alexstrasza of what had transpired and took his place as Ebyssian's general.[56]


Location Level range Reaction Notes
Blade's Edge Mountains[53.1, 41]VZ-Blade's Edge MountainsBlip 20-30 Elite Alliance Horde
Obsidian Throne, Waking Shores 73 / ?? Boss Alliance Horde


  • Spell frost chainsofice Chains of Ice — Forms icy chains around the enemy, locking the target in place for 10 sec.
  • Spell fire flamebolt Fireball — Inflicts Fire damage to an enemy.
  • Spell fire fire Flame Breath — Inflicts 225 Fire damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster.


Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.


The Burning Crusade[]

Baron Sablemane

Sabellian as Baron Sablemane in Outland.


My loathing of interruptions is overshadowed only by my hatred of Gruul the Dragonkiller and his seven sons!

Main article: Showdown (Alliance)#Notes



Obsidian Throne

I would appreciate your support. Will you swear allegiance to me and help me secure the citadel and a safe future for all dragons?

Obsidian Citadel

With your help we shall drive back the djaradin and safeguard this citadel.

At the Seat of the Aspects

Good to see you again, <name>.

The Life-Binder's news must be important to have called us all here. If it concerns the Incarnates and she plans to send us after them, I would be pleased to have my fellow black dragons support me.

I am still the clear choice for Aspect, but my kin are more than capable enough to accomplish such a task with me.


At the Obsidian Throne

Sabellian will engage in conversation with Wrathion in the Obsidian Throne before the player chooses a side to support. He will state one of these random lines:

  • Sabellian says: I do not need to claim this throne. It is mine! I am next in the line of succession. I do not even know your lineage.
  • Sabellian says: I have been battle tested and hardened from years of battle against Gruul and his offspring.
  • Sabellian says: I have the support of a full flight of dragons. Tell me, little one, where are the rest of your kin?
  • Sabellian says: Why have no dragons rallied to your support? Where have all the black dragons of this world vanished to?
  • Sabellian says: Father entrusted me with the future of the black dragonflight. And I succeeded, by delivering the eggs I have so carefully protected.
  • Sabellian says: How do you expect to lead a black dragonflight that doesn't exist? I lead the next generation, and I have brought them here.

This is responded to, also at random, by Wrathion with one of the following:

  • Wrathion says: Even in my youngest years, I worked to protect and safeguard this world... where were you hiding, Sabellian?
  • Wrathion says: Everything I have done, I have done for the future of this world--what have you accomplished?
  • Wrathion says: I am trusted and respected by all of Azeroth, they know that I look out for them... you they fear.
  • Wrathion says: While you tucked your tail in Outland, I united the warring factions of Azeroth against the Burning Legion's return!
  • Wrathion says: Why do you only show your face now, after all the difficult work has been taken care of... by me?
  • Wrathion says: When the last Old God threatened to end this world, I was there to stop it. Where were you?


  • You seem... familiar.
  • I have been too long away.
  • And you are?
  • You stand before the rightful heir.
  • Tell me... of Azeroth.
  • Can I trust you?
  • Come now, speak.
  • My return was absolutely crucial.
  • I am the future of the Black Dragonflight.
  • My wits are my own.
  • I will claim my rightful place.
  • Mistakes were made. I am here... to correct them.
  • Very well. We will meet again later.
  • We are not bound by the shadows of our past.
  • Our numbers may be few...but we still outnumber you.
  • Is this what 'heroes' do on Azeroth these days? How droll.
  • I did not inherit my father's madness. His temper, on the other hand...
  • *Sigh* Mortals. Mortals never change.


  • Sabellian is voiced by Armen Taylor.[57]
  • Although Sabellian received a new visage form model in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, his appearance in Outland continues to use his old model. However, the Outland model was slightly updated to have new draconic eyes with slit pupils, rather than normal human eyes.
    • His eyes in Outland are silver while his eyes on the Dragon Isles are orange.
    • In The Burning Crusade, Sabellian wore the Nemesis Raiment recolor set. In Dragonflight, he wears Inv chest mail pvpshaman o 01 [Ensemble: Sabellian's Battlegear Cloth Armor], which players can buy for themselves from Samia Inkling at Ally reputation with him.
      • He has a unique in-game cinematic model based off of his ensemble attire, though it has some differences. Notably, he is wearing an undershirt, and the robe itself has many more 3D assets, such as his belt, cloak clasps, and arm bands.
  • Sabellian's appearance in Outland has no voice lines when he is clicked on.
  • Between his appearances in The Burning Crusade in early 2007 and Dragonflight in late 2022, Sabellian was absent from the story for almost 16 years in real life. In-universe it was about 14 years.
  • Since Beyond the Dark Portal was in Year 8,[58] and Dragonflight is in Year 40,[59] Sabellian and his dragons were in Outland for 32 years.
  • While the lineage pictures from Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects and The Magazine #2 list him as the son of Deathwing and Sintharia, Ultimate Visual Guide refers to him as the half-brother of Onyxia and Nefarian, which would imply that Sintharia is not Sabellian's mother.
  • In Outland, Horde players never see Baron Sablemane turn into his dragon form, since he only helps Alliance players fight Goc. Horde players team up with Rexxar for the fight instead.
  • When accompanying the player on quests in Zaralek Cavern, Sabellian's generic name is Ebon Lieutenant and rides a Ability mount talbukdraenormount [Shadowmane Charger].


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The turbulent nature of the Twisting Nether, and the cascading energies that radiated across Outland, may have in fact inadvertently aided in purifying Sabellian and his recovered whelplings from the Old God's corruption.

Patch changes[]


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