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A Swift Nightsaber in the Trading Card Game

Fearsome and deadly to most, Nightsabers are harmless kittens to the Night Elves.[1]

Saber cat mounts are available in a wide variety of breeds, including nightsabers, tigers, manasabers, and other large felines. As the racial mount of the night elves, sabers were originally only available to members of the Alliance; however, several neutral saber mounts have been introduced over time.


Darnassus faction mounts

These mounts can be purchased from Alliance Lelanai <Saber Handler> in the Cenarion Enclave in Darnassus. You must either be a night elf or be Exalted with Darnassus to purchase from her.

The rare sabers cost 1g each, while the epic swift sabers cost 10g.

Argent Tournament

These mounts can be purchased from the Darnassus quartermaster for the Argent Tournament. You must have completed Alliance [Champion of Darnassus] or be a night elf to gain access to this quartermaster.

PvP rewards

Quest rewards

Vendor mounts

Neutral and Horde

Aside from the Horde-exclusive  [Nightborne Manasaber], all of these mounts are available to both factions.


Quest rewards

Vendor mounts

Store mounts

  • The Mystic Runesaber can be purchased from the Blizzard Store, and also functions as a flying mount.

Promotional mounts

  • The Reins of the Spectral Tiger and Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger are redeemed from the Spectral Tiger loot card from the Fires of Outland TCG set.


Retired Darnassus mounts

These mounts could only be obtained prior to patch 1.4:


These mounts exist in the game's database but are currently not available:

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