NeutralThe Saberstalkers
Main leader Unknown
Race(s) TrollTroll Troll
Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
HumanHuman Human
Theater of operations Fang'rila, Tanaan Jungle
Status Active
Quartermaster  Z'tenga the Walker
Notable reward(s)  [Savage Cub]
 [Wild Goretusk]
 [Bristling Hellboar]

The Saberstalkers are a small faction of hunters in Tanaan Jungle. They are mainly based around Fang'rila in the southeastern reaches of the jungle, where they hunt the Blackfang tribe of saberon.

Faction description

The treacherous wilds of Tanaan Jungle have attracted the craftiest hunters from both Azeroth and Draenor. To defeat the beasts of Tanaan, one must become a beast.

Known members


Reputation is mainly gained through killing Blackfang saberon in Fang'rila. All the mobs are elite, meaning it is best to do this in a group. All mobs drop  [Blackfang Claw], which is used as a currency for the faction. Reaching Revered standing with the Saberstalkers is a requirement for Alliance  [Tanaan Diplomat], which in turn is required for  [Draenor Pathfinder].

The following mobs give 25 reputation each:

The following rare elites give 500 reputation each:

N [40W] Rumble in the Jungle is a weekly quest offered by Z'tenga the Walker that awards 3,500 reputation and requires you to kill three rare elites that can only be summoned by purchasing special totems for Blackfang Claws. The elites themselves give no reputation.

B [40 Daily] Tooth and Claw has a chance to be offered by Alliance Parvink at Lion's Watch/Horde Nimi Brightcastle at Vol'mar and awards 1,500 reputation.  [Medallion of the Legion] also grants reputation with the Saberstalkers (as well as all other Draenor factions).


Z'tenga the Walker
<Saberstalker Quartermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Neutral  [Prime Blackfang Challenge Totem] 25 Blackfang Claw Challenge totem
 [Major Blackfang Challenge Totem] 10 Blackfang Claw Challenge totem
 [Minor Blackfang Challenge Totem] 5 Blackfang Claw Challenge totem
Friendly  [Saberstalkers Battle Standard] 25g 50s Battle Standard
Honored  [Contract: Pallas] 100 Blackfang Claw Follower contract
 [Wild Goretusk] 1,000 Blackfang Claw Mount
Revered  [Savage Cub] 1,500 Blackfang Claw Companion
 [Saberstalker Teachings: Trailblazer] 700g Consumable
Exalted  [Saberstalkers Tabard] 10g Tabard
 [Bristling Hellboar] 5,000 Blackfang Claw Mount

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