Sacrificial Pact

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For the warlock talent, see [Dark Pact].
Sacrificial Pact
Spell shadow corpseexplode.png
  • Sacrificial Pact
  • Level 54 death knight ability
  • 20 Runic Power
  • 2 min cooldown
  • Instant
  • Sacrifice your ghoul to deal (75% of attack power) Shadow damage to 8 nearby enemies and heal for 25% of your maximum health.
Usable by
Class Death knight
School Shadow
Cooldown 2 minutes
Other information
Level learned 54

Sacrificial Pact is a level 54 death knight ability that sacrifices the death knight's ghoul to inflict AoE shadow damage to their enemies and heal themselves for a portion of their maximum health.

Tips and tactics

  • For unholy death knights, it's recommended that you only use this ability if [Raise Dead] is close to or already off cooldown.
  • Blood death knights arguably benefit the most due to their specialization being impacted the least by the loss of the ghoul. Sacrificial Pact also benefits from their [Vampiric Blood] ability, making for a potent self-heal in emergencies.

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