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Image of Saezurah
Gender Female
Race Automa (Mechanical)
Level 60 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Cradle of Nascence, Exile's Hollow, Deserted Overlook, and Crypts of the Eternal, Zereth Mortis
Companion(s) Automa Defenders, Saezurah's Protectors (bodyguards)

“The cycle has been broken. An eternal song stirs, but the threads must be woven.”

— Saezurah[1]

Saezurah is one of the last of the automa oracles of Zereth Mortis.[2] She plays a central role in the Zereth Mortis campaign, in which she facilitates the creation of a new Arbiter to help the Maw Walkers and their allies restore balance to the Shadowlands.

In the early chapters of the campaign, before Saezurah's name is revealed, the game refers to her as simply the Oracle.


A pattern disrupted[]

A Mysterious Voice - Oracle

Saezurah in the Cradle of Nascence.

Saezurah - Gurney

The unconscious oracle in Haven.

After the Arbiter was rendered dormant and later destroyed by the Jailer, the Shadowlands and the design of the First Ones fell into disarray. Saezurah set out to restore her masters' design by using the empty vessel of an Eternal One to create a replacement Arbiter.[2]

Shortly after Maw Walkers arrived to Zereth Mortis, Saezurah and her automa defenders were attacked by devourers in the Cradle of Nascence. A nearby Maw Walker and the kyrian Pelagos heard her voice call out for help[3] and defended her from a devourer swarm led by the Culler. However, she was only able to deliver a cryptic message about restoring the Shadowlands before her injuries caused her to fall into a coma.[4] Pelagos brought the unconscious oracle on a gurney to the Enlightened elders in Haven, but they refused to help since they didn't believe that an oracle would ever contact Pelagos and the Maw Walker and warned them against meddling with servants of the First Ones.[5]

Pelagos and the hero instead brought the oracle to the exile Firim in Exile's Hollow. Saezurah's presence activated a mysterious core the Maw Walker had previously obtained for Firim, causing it to awaken into an automa named Pocopoc[6] who bonded with the Maw Walker and began teaching them how to understand the Cypher of the First Ones.[7][8] The Maw Walker subsequently returned to Haven to resume their efforts against the Jailer while Pelagos and Firim stayed with Saezurah in Exile's Hollow.[9]

Retrieving the vessel[]

“Midnir. Rethul. Kasharu. An'qoth. Vessel. Vessel. Vessel. Dormant above the sands. The song seeks a voice. Ascend. Reclaim. Restore.”

— Saezurah[10]
Music of the Spheres - Seeks a voice

Saezurah's vision to the Maw Walker and Firim.

Oracle, Heal Thyself

Pocopoc reviving Saezurah in Exile's Hollow.

Some time thereafter, the energy emanating from Saezurah started gradually increasing until three fractal orbs appeared around her body and a loud clamor began.[10] Firim sent Pelagos to fetch the Maw Walker from Haven. When they arrived with Pocopoc, the latter started reacting to Saezurah's energy.[11] The Maw Walker examined the fractals around the oracle until she suddenly sent a vision into the hero and Firim's minds, telling them of the dormant vessel waiting atop the Resonant Peaks.[10] Saezurah then seized control of Pocopoc, taking control of the smaller automa's actions and speaking through it with her voice to tell the Maw Walker to follow before the vessel was consumed by devourers.[12]

Via Popopoc, the oracle guided the Maw Walker on a trip to the top of the Resonant Peaks[13] and into the chamber where the vessel waited.[14] The activation of the vessel attracted swarms of more devourers, but the Maw Walker used Pocopoc to fend them off until it could teleport itself, the hero, and the vessel back to Exile's Hollow.[15] Pocopoc then released its gathered energy into Saezurah, restoring her to life. She told Firim, Pelagos, and the Maw Walker that more needed to be done and explained how the vessel would be used to create a new Arbiter once her preparations were complete.[2]

The new Arbiter[]

“A new voice added to the chorus -- the cycle continues ever onward.”

— Saezurah[16]

When the oracle was ready, the Maw Walker was summoned back to Exile's Hollow.[17] Saezurah explained that the vessel needed to be filled with a soul slumbering in the Crypts of the Eternal in order to become an Arbiter. However, the Crypts had been overrun by the Jailer's Mawsworn,[18] so the Maw Walker, Pelagos, and Kleia rounded up the forces of the covenants to breach the entrance.[19] After the forces gathered in the Endless Sands, Saezurah sent the hero to free some imprisoned automa scryers that were needed for the ritual.[20] Together, the covenants fought their way into the Crypts,[21] where Saezurah had the Maw Walker kill Mawsworn intruders[22] and restore the flow of souls that the Mawsworn had tampered with.[23]

For Every Soul - Pelagos and Vessel

Saezurah preparing the vessel for Pelagos.

Finally, they were ready to begin the ritual.[24] However, as the automa scryers channeled on the vessel, one of them revealed itself to be a nathrezim and summoned the Echo of Argus to take the vessel, killing the scryers and incapacitating everyone else but the Maw Walker in the process. The hero was able to bring Saezurah and the others back to their wits and defeat the echo,[25] but the vessel was left without a soul and the scryers were irreparable. However, rather than giving up, Saezurah simply and cryptically said that the cycle still awaited a new voice.[26]

Pelagos suddenly spoke up, offering his own soul to be placed in the vessel. Kleia—his soulbind—tried to protest, but he insisted that this was his destiny. Saezurah greeted Pelagos as a "new voice" and "worthy soul"[16] and placed his soul within the vessel, transforming him into the new Arbiter, who then took his place in Oribos.[27] With this, Saezurah had completed her task of restoring harmony to the Shadowlands. However, the Mawsworn remained outside the Crypts, so the Maw Walker and their allies left through a portal created by Firim before the Mawsworn could find them.[28] Saezurah's subsequent whereabouts are unknown.


A Means to an End
Starting Over
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When approached or interacted with in Exile's Hollow, she may say one of the following:

  • Can you hear their echoes?
  • Harmonies merge between us.
  • Her dreams sing beneath the surface. Quiet now, but her voice will awaken the others.
  • Mortis. Lumen. Ordus. Rhythm and structure.
  • Six voices in discord. Without harmony, the anthem will be ended.
  • The path is revealed to you.
  • Their song flows through me.
  • Vitae. Umbra. Tumult. Improvisation and possibility.

All of these voice lines are shared with her click quotes (see below).


  • Can you hear their echoes?
  • Harmonies merge between us.
  • The path is revealed to you.
  • Their song flows through me.
  • Six voices in discord. Without harmony, the anthem will be ended.
  • Her dreams sing beneath the surface. Quiet now, but her voice will awaken the others.
  • Mortis. Lumen. Ordus. Rhythm and structure.
  • Vitae. Umbra. Tumult. Improvisation and possibility.
  • A stillness falls.
  • The cosmos has been shaped, but nothing is fated.
  • The design must endure.
  • You will banish the silence.


The cycle has been broken. An eternal song stirs, but the threads must be woven.
During N [60] Acquaintances Forgotten
It is time for these crypts to sing with music of creation.


  • Saezurah is referred to as "she"/"her" by other characters. However, the Lore Book refers to the oracle as "it".[29]
  • Like all other oracles, Saezurah is voiced by Kayleigh McKee.


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