NeutralSage's Covenant
Start Soridormi
End Soridormi
Level 30 (Requires 30)
Category Hyjal Summit (Caverns of Time)
Rewards  [Band of the Eternal Sage]
Previous N [30] Sage's Oath


Bring your [Band of Eternity] to Soridormi at the Caverns of Time after obtaining Exalted reputation with the Scale of the Sands.


Your accomplishments have gone beyond my greatest expectations, <name>.

You step in and out of time as comfortably as any bronze dragon I've known. You are destined for great power and I am more than pleased to help you on your way there.

Continue to serve the Scale of the Sands and I will unleash your gift's full potential.


You will receive:
Inv jewelry ring 55.png [Band of the Eternal Sage]


May time always be on your side, <name>.


You are one with time, <name>. You are one with us.

Behold! Power beyond mortal understanding is unleashed from even that small remnant of the Well of Eternity.

Accept this gift so that all may know of your covenant with the Scale of the Sands.... so that all may know of your covenant with time itself!


  1. N [30] Sage's Pledge
  2. N [30] Sage's Vow
  3. N [30] Sage's Oath
  4. N [30] Sage's Covenant

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