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Sallow Essence

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NeutralSallow Essence
Start  [Sallow Essence]
End Professor Pallin
Level 106 (Requires 106)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,900
Rewards Recipe: Mass Mill Felwort
17g 80s


Bring the Sallow Essence to Professor Pallin in Dalaran.


<The  [Felwort] is reduced to a thick, clotted pigment. While all felwort-begotten pigment is somewhat offensive, this batch practically glows with a malevolent energy.>

<Professor Pallin would be interested in seeing this.>


You will learn: Recipe: Mass Mill Felwort

You will also receive: 17g 80s


We've ventured into undiscovered territory, <name>. There isn't anyone out there in ANY academic circles I'm aware of that is milling felwort this effectively.

Well done, student. Or, should I say... well done, junior deputy assistant scribe?

Nah... I still prefer "student".



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