MobSamuelson Unmasked
Image of Samuelson Unmasked
Race N'raqi (Uncategorized)
Level 84 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Stormwind Keep, Stormwind City

Samuelson Unmasked was a faceless one that spawned in the throne room of Stormwind Keep. Major Samuelson turned into him as part of the introduction to Twilight Highlands questline.


He has the following abilities as Samuelson Unmasked:

  • Twilight Impunity — Unnatural energies render the caster immune to all damage. Cast on himself during the transformation at the start of the fight.
  • Chaos Slam — Hurls enemies away from the caster, terrifying those with weaker minds. Instant. Functions as a fear on the Stormwind Royal Guards who are affected by it.
  • Shadow Crash — Fires a missle towards a random target. When this missile lands, it deals Shadow damage to all enemies within 5 yards of that location. Instant. Hits for 3000-3700 Shadow
  • Basic melee — 1800-2600 Physical on the Stormwind Royal Guards


Back so soon, <name>? Did you learn anything from the dockworkers?

Gossip It's over, Samuelson. We know who you are and I put a stop to your little cathedral scheme.

Major Samuelson says: Yes... yes <class>. It's all true. I am not ashamed. The powers I submit to make mortal kings look like insects.
Major Samuelson suddenly draws out a hidden dagger!
Major Samuelson says: But I am not yet finished. Death to the king!
Anduin Wrynn says: Father, watch out!
Samuelson leaps at the king! Anduin thinks faster, however...
Anduin Wrynn protects his father with Power Word: Shield.
Samuelson jumps to the center of the room and starts to rise... purple beams of energy radiating from him.
Major Samuelson yells: Gods of shadow, lords of twilight ... give me strength!
Samuelson transforms into an 84 elite faceless one!

On death:

Samuelson Unmasked says: Al'golath mal shal'nel... darkness consumes...

Varian's gossip text:

What WAS that thing?

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