Sanctuary of the Devoted

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NeutralSanctuary of the Devoted
Sanctuary of the Devoted.jpg
Type Temple
Leader(s)  Vorrik
Race(s) Sethrak Sethrak
Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Affiliation(s) Devoted
Location Western Vol'dun[27.0, 52.6]
Status Active

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The Sanctuary of the Devoted is an ancient temple located in western Vol'dun and dedicated to the loa Sethraliss. It serves as the Devoted sethrak's last bastion against their Faithless nemeses,[1][2] and two of keystones that seal Atul'Aman are eventually stored here until they are stolen by General Jakra'zet.


The temple structure has two floors, where the bottom floor serves as a common area for various vendors and services and the top floor containing an altar to Sethraliss that is also used as a pedestal for the keystones to Atul'Aman. The two floors are connected by a pair of interior stairs that also lead to a balcony at the back overlooking the ocean. However, the top floor is also reachable by a large, main staircase at the front of the temple.

The Terrace of the Devoted is the grounds surrounding the temple where the temple's defenders fight against Faithless invaders.


Vendors and services