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The Sanctum.

The chapel.

The Sanctum is the area beyond the chapel of the Church of Light found within Stromgarde Keep, leading to the Trollbane family crypt. A graveyard is also present next to the church.

For a time it was under the control of the Alliance with Stromgarde Soldiers found inside.

Prior to his first death, the chapel was where Galen Trollbane was found. Ironically, this is also where he met his final fate at the hands of the Knights of the Ebon Blade,[1] who also came to raised Thoras Trollbane as a death knight.[2]

The day before the Gathering, the human citizens present for the meeting were taken to the chapel, where the Conclave priests, Alonsus Faol and Calia Menethil, gave them their blessings. King Anduin Wrynn and High Exarch Turalyon were also present to attend the Archbishop's mass.[3]

The Sanctum is nowhere to be found in Stromgarde Keep in the Battle for Azeroth's updated Arathi Highlands, however, lorewise, it is still present, as they have been inspected by Mathias Shaw and Flynn Fairwind with Danath Trollbane's blessing.[4]



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