The Sanctum of Enlightenment

The Sanctum of Enlightenment is a large building complex located in the north of the nightborne Suramar City. Located on the Terrace of Enlightenment and Grand Promenade, it is similar in size and appearance to the Sanctum of Order a short distance away, though access is not open to the general public. A large arcane elevator provides instantaneous transport to the building's uppermost level from the Terrace of Enlightenment.

The sanctum is occupied by the Duskwatch, Suramar's peacekeeping force, though little is known of its exact purpose. Both the name, as well as many of the statues found outside, seem to indicate the sanctum acts as some sort of arcane library or similar repository for knowledge. It is known that much of the Duskwatch's scrying efforts are concentrated on the Terrace of Enlightenment just outside.[1]