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For the specific mob, see Sand Gnome (mob).
Sand gnomes
Sand Gnome
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Homeworld Azeroth (presumed)
Area(s) Bone Wastes, Terokkar Forest
Language(s) Gnomish
Sand Gnome - Alpha

A gathering of Sand Gnomes during the Cataclysm alpha.

Sand gnomes are a strange, pallid-skinned race of tribal gnomes who live under the shifting sands of the Bone Wastes in Terokkar Forest. It is likely they arrived in Outland as part of the Alliance Expedition.

Chief Archaeologist Letoll, who leads a group of Explorers' League researchers in the area, is insistent that sand gnomes exist, but his colleagues are not as convinced. He apparently once made his team search Silithus for evidence of sand gnomes.[1]

7th Legion Siege Engineers will occasionally say that they used to know a dwarf that claimed gnomes evolved from beneath the earth and all started out as sand gnomes. However, the engineers themselves consider this to be nonsense.

Using a Inv misc drum 02 [Fumper], a type of drum dug up by the dwarves in the Bone Wastes, normally attracts giant bone worms to the surface, but will occasionally instead cause an angry sand gnome to appear and attack the one who disturbed it. However, once this information is relayed to Dwarfowitz, he merely replies "Sand gnomes? Yea, sure... The desert can do strange things to a person".[2]


  • The sand gnomes in the Bone Wastes may be a parody of the Fremen from the Dune franchise. The things they have in common are popping out of the sand, Fumpers (sounding like 'thumpers'), living near giant worms summoned by the Fumpers, and living in a desert.
  • Sand gnomes wearing brown robes and Inv crown 01 [Valorous Plagueheart Circlet] appeared in Uldum during the Cataclysm alpha and beta. However, they were replaced with pygmies once the pygmies' model had been completed, suggesting that they were merely placeholders.
    • The sand gnomes of Uldum may have been a reference to the Jawas from Star Wars.


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