Sangua Invasion Point

Map of the Sangua scenario.

Sangua is a world of bones and dust with a lake of blood being drained by the demons, resembling Sethekk Hollow on Draenor. When Legion Blood Drainers are destroyed, something stirs beneath the surface. Occasionally tentacles will erupt out of the ground as well.

In Legion an Invasion Point connects Argus to this target location.


  • Manifestations of congealed plasma inhabit the pool of blood in the invasion point. However, whether or not these creatures exist as a product of Legion tampering is unknown.
  • Large rib bones and spines indicate the current or past presence of giant vertebrate.


One of many large, displaced bones

  • White-leaved deciduous trees
  • Green grass and similar red grass, potentially made so from the nearby pool of plasma
  • White tallgrass
  • Orange bushes and shrubs
  • Small, Ivy-colored sprouts


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The thing beneath Sangua's surface may be an Old God given its tentacles, but it may also be a creature native to the planet.

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