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Sashj'tar Ruins.jpg
Main leader IconSmall NagaSeaWitch.gif Tidemistress Sashj'tar[1]
Race(s) NagaNaga Naga
IconSmall Skrog.gif Sea giant
Character classes Siren, Mage, Enchanter, Warrior
Base of operations Sashj'tar Ruins, Azuregale Bay
Theater of operations Jandvik, Azuregale Bay
Affiliation Nazjatar Empire (presumed)

The Sashj'tar are a group of naga invading the vrykul of Jandvik in Suramar. They started gathering ocean-dwellers.[2] Crabs can be seen among their numbers. They used squid creatures to control captured vrykul and allied with the Trenchwalker sea giants.




Siege weapons


Notes and trivia

  • The Hatecoil and the Rimescale use harpoons whose abilities hint that the weapons originally belonged to the Sashj'tar.
  • In the beta, they would ally with King Forgalash on behalf of Queen Azshara. A naga named Tar'jira would appear.
  • Judging by an unused spell and item,[3] the name Mistbreaker was initially planned to be the name for the Sashj'tar naga.