Saving the Best for Last

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AllianceSaving the Best for Last
Start Deliana
End Deliana
Level 60 (Requires 58)
Type Dungeon
Category Ironforge
Experience 2380
Previous Back to the Beginning


Give Deliana your Dungeon Set 1 Helm and Dungeon Set 1 Chestpiece.


That's an amazing story, <name>! You have my thanks, and the heartfelt gratitude of all who were involved. Now maybe I'll be able to sleep at night with both eyes shut.

As to your reward, I believe I have a few things that you'll really enjoy.


As per our deal, are you ready to hand over your Dungeon Set 1 pieces in exchange for your new Dungeon Set 2 Helm and Dungeon Set 2 Chestpiece?


I'm going to miss you, <name>. I owe you such a debt of gratitude; I think I'll never be able to repay it.

I hope that you enjoy your new head and chest armor, and that it protects you for a long time to come.


You will receive (depending on class):


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2380 XP (or a 14s 40c compensation at level 80)



  1. B [60D] An Earnest Proposition
  2. B [60] A Supernatural Device
  3. N [60] The Ectoplasmic Distiller
  4. N [60] Hunting for Ectoplasm
  5. N [60] A Portable Power Source
  6. N [60] A Shifty Merchant
  7. A [60] Return to Deliana / H [60] Return to Mokvar
  8. B [60D] Just Compensation
  9. B [60] In Search of Anthion
  10. N [60D] Dead Man's Plea
  11. N [60] Proof of Life
  12. N [60] Anthion's Strange Request
  13. N [60D] Anthion's Old Friend
  14. N [60D] Falrin's Vendetta
  15. N [60D] The Instigator's Enchantment
  16. N [60D] The Challenge
  17. B [60D] Anthion's Parting Words
  18. B [60] Bodley's Unfortunate Fate
  19. N [60R] Three Kings of Flame
  20. N [60G] I See Alcaz Island In Your Future...
  21. N [60R] Final Preparations
  22. N [60R] Mea Culpa, Lord Valthalak
  23. N [60] Return to Bodley
  24. B [60] Back to the Beginning
  25. B [60D] Saving the Best for Last

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