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Xia, Queen of Suffering TCG.jpg
Xia, Queen of Suffering, a succubus in the TCG
Faction/Affiliation Burning Legion
Character classes Sorceress,[1] Warlock, Rogue[2]
Racial leader(s)  Sargeras
Homeworld Twisting Nether
Language(s) Eredun

The sayaad (pronounced say-ahd)[3] (adjective form sayaadi)[4] are a species of demons, who look similar to the nathrezim.[5] Only female sayaad are commonly seen, and are known as succubi (singular succubus). The males are named incubi (singular incubus).


Succubi revel in causing anguish, and serve the Burning Legion by conducting nightmarish interrogations.[6] Creatures of incredible mental powers, they can lull those of weak minds into their servitude.[7] Succubi know much about love[8] and slake their lust with coupling.[9] They are described as devourers of souls, destroyers of hearts, dominators of minds, and tempters of men.[10][11]

The cruel sayaadi temptresses exemplify the subtler side of the Legion's nihilistic crusade. They revel in causing anguish and pain, and their murderous interrogations are the stuff of nightmares.[4] Succubi have a tendency to keep detailed logs of their day-to-day activities. Their accounts are often lurid, almost always grotesque, and were typically written onto "paper" made from the skin of an enemy or a captive.[12]


An unidentified species of a demon in the Warcraft Saga resembling an incubus

Incubi have not been seen in World of Warcraft so far. There are several different rumors concerning incubi, all of which are perpetrated by the succubi themselves. A few of the most common rumors are:

  • Yes, there are incubi, but the spell to summon them has been conveniently forgotten by mortal practitioners and Burning Legion agents.
  • Incubi are kept as slaves on their home planet, having been rendered incapable of escape or independent movement.
  • The succubi consumed the males of their race when they were brought into the Burning Legion. Alternatively, the act of devouring the males is what caught the attention of the Burning Legion.[13]

Aegwynn and Khadgar once encountered a demon who mentioned incubi as part of the Legion.[14] When dealing with succubi, Levia Laurence stated that in all of the Kirin Tor's research into succubi and other sayaad, they have come to one conclusion - they are not to be trusted.[15]


Mistress Nesala, a Succubus Warlock.

Warcraft III creeps

A succubus in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

Succubi appeared as creeps in missions and maps with the Outland tileset.

As a companion pet

Main article: Sultry Grimoire

 [Sultry Grimoire] drops from Mother Shahraz in Black Temple.

In the RPG

Succubus in the Monster Guide.

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

A succubus is a stunningly beautiful woman. Her voluptuous form is squeezed into a tight leather bodice. Large bat wings unfurl from her back, and she lets out a short gasp as she cracks a small whip against her milky thigh. A succubus is pleasure and pain rolled into one deadly package. Like all demons, she enjoys bringing death and misery to the mortal races — but that doesn't mean she can't have fun with them first. Many warlocks choose a succubus as a fellow companion for their ability to manipulate those weak of will. It is not uncommon for a succubus in a mortal's servitude to fall uncontrollably in love with him or her; this occurrence is not always to the master's advantage, though, for a devoted succubus can be prone to fits of extreme jealousy, especially when her master deals with those of the opposite sex. A succubus usually tries to avoid direct confrontation, preferring instead to use her natural (and supernatural) charm to gain a creature's trust, then to lure her victim into a defenseless position. In open combat, a succubus is far from helpless, however. She is surprisingly agile, always attempting to feint or flank an opponent, thus allowing her to backstab with her lash of pain. Most warlocks tend to trust their succubus's natural instincts in combat. This trust comes as much from respect for her abilities as it does from the realization that a succubus may ignore an order she doesn’t agree with anyway. This is especially true when an opponent threatens her master directly, as she may become reckless trying to save him.[16]

Queen of Suffering

Main article: Queen of Suffering#In the RPG


As members of the Burning Legion, succubi speak Eredun, and most also speak Common. Common is a language known by most races who would summon these beings, those who summon them likely know Eredun as well.[16]

Notes and trivia

  • In the Ultimate Visual Guide, the sayaad entry is written as "sayaad (succubus)", paring the two names like nathrezim (dreadlord) and shivarra (shivan).[17] This could imply that the sayaad is the demon term, while the succubus is the Common language term.
  • One succubus whip was formed of the plaited flesh of several different creatures, some of them likely humanoid.[18]
  • Without being born of the sayaadi species, some people were known to have been transformed into succubi, like Sensiria.
  • One of the demons Sargeras fought before his corruption resembled a masculine sayaad and is believed to be an incubus.
  • Succubi outfits are actually designed for the temperatures of inferno worlds mostly on fire. Being on a world like Azeroth in such clothes leaves them feeling cold.[19]
  • Sayaad means "Hunter" or "Trapper" in Arabic.
  • When incubi were requested as a warlock pet in April 2011, Community Manager Zarhym responded that Blizzard had plans for offering players a choice between male and female versions of all warlock demons, but that they didn't have a time frame for when it might be implemented.[20] 10 years later, in September 2021, Blizzard announced that incubi would be added to the game at some point after patch 9.1.5—both as a glyph option for warlocks and as an addition to places where succubus models appear—as part of ongoing efforts to make the game world feel more inclusive and to offer more ways for players to express themselves.[21]


Patch changes


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