Scalebanes[1] are an elite elder spellcasting class of dragonspawn.[2] They are found in the ranks of the Firemane dragonkin.

All mobs specifically identified as scalebanes in WoW are large and heavily armored male dragonspawn, with the exception of the Scalebane Lieutenants, which are smaller and less armored.


In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Scalebanes are the most elite and powerful of the dragonspawn, and they represent a small fraction of dragonspawn society. These are the leaders, the most powerful spellcasters, and the elders of the dragonspawn race. While scalebanes were wyrmkin earlier in life, scalebanes are technically a different species, having been transformed by a complicated ritual similar to those undergone by dragons as they mature. Scalebanes are chosen from the best of the lesser ranks, those who demonstrate exceptional leadership as well as combat or magical abilities. While most scalebanes are intellectual, they still have large builds, powerfully built for combat, standing seven feet tall or just little under on average, and wear elaborate armor with dragon-crested helms that stand out from the rest their unit. Many scalebanes may also carry banners or other markings delineating their command. These banners represent their draconic patron or matron, such as Azuregos the blue or Vaelastrasz the red.

Scalebanes spend most of their time in combat commanding their units, but those with spellcaster abilities pepper their enemies with spells from a distance. If pressed, they fight fearlessly, but avoid melee combat because they know they are most effective in command positions. Scalebanes are clearly in control of a unit's movements and strategies. Scalebanes carry swords and shields, two-handed swords, or other impressive weapons, usually a greatsword. These weapons are always magical, retaining an enhancement and possibly an additional magical feature. A scalebane always has a secondary magic item: shield, armor, rod, wand, or another item used for the benefit of the entire squadron. They are considered the most adept followers of their dragon mentor and are looked on by other dragonspawn as acolytes of the dragon's wisdom and prophets of the dragon's will. They are fighters or sorcerers, and sometimes rogues and paladins. Scalebanes are trained in the use of all martial weapons and all types of armor and shields.[3][4]

They speak Common and Draconic.[5]