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AllianceScalecommander Azurathel
Title <Obsidian Warders>
Gender Male
Race Dracthyr (Humanoid)
Level 70
Class Evoker
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Obsidian Warders, Alliance, Black dragonflight, Dragonscale Expedition
Occupation Scalecommander of the Obsidian Warders
Location Forbidden Reach
Status Alive

Scalecommander Azurathel is the leader of the Obsidian Warders, the dracthyr of the Alliance.


Ancient times[]

Azurathel was one of the was one of the dracthyr created by Neltharion, who would come to select him to serve as the Scalecommander of the Obsidian Warders. Neltharion fashioned the Forbidden Reach as a secret training ground for the dracthyr,[1][2] where at his command Azurathel would train the Obsidian Warders in their charge with defending the allies of the black dragonflight and protecting its strongholds.[3][4] In a battle with Raszageth and the Primal Incarnates, the titan relic that Neltharion used to control the wills of the dracthyr was destroyed. Though Raszageth was sealed away, Neltharion could no longer directly control the dracthyr without the relic and so deemed them a risk.

Azurathel and his people were thus subsequently ordered to the creches beneath the Forbidden Reach by Neltharion, where they were sealed away by Malygos in magical stasis and watched over by his blue dragonflight. They remained there, abandoned and forgotten for nearly 20,000 years, awakened from their long slumber only when the Primalists returned to break Raszageth free, as an ancient, magical surge rippled through the Forbidden Reach, the dracthyr awoke, but from their long stasis their memories became a blur.[5][6]

The Forbidden Reach[]

As the dracthyr awakened, he found himself trapped in stasis until he was awakened by dracthyr adventures. After his awakening, he declared that they couldn't dwell on their broken memories, but had to move forward to assess and make a plan.[7] Thus he directed the dracthyr with acquiring their gear,[8] and healing their fellow dracthyr. As the group moved forward, they discovered Scalecommander Cindrethresh and that the blue dragon Lapisagos intended to destroy them.[9] Though Azurathel was uneasy at the task, due to believing that the dragons and dracthyr should fight side by side, Cindrethresh reassured him that as Lapisagos intended to destroy them, they had no other choice. After slaying their enemy, the dracthyr emerged from the ruins of their creche only to discover that their training grounds had become overgrown and realized that they'd been in stasis for a very, very, long time.[10]

Upon noticing that a crystal was outside the creche, he sent dracthyr to investigate, where they discovered that there were crystals in front of the other creches and that they were under attack. They quickly informed Azurathel, who declared that they must reach their allies.[11] After this declaration, he and his allies were approached by Scalecommander Emberthal and discovered the Adamant Vigil were no more.[12] After discovering that the Primalists had invaded the Stormsunder Crater and were keeping the Ebon Scales trapped at their creche, Emberthal sent Azurathel, Dervishian, and the adventurer to provide them aid.[7] As the group headed out to rescue their allies, Azurathel directed his allies in thinning the numbers of the Tarasek, who had joined the Primalists, and destroy the elementals summoned by the Primalists.[8] [13] With their tasks complete, the trio were able to reach the Ebon Scales, where the dracthyr united and destroyed Ekrazathal. After this, Scalecommander Sarkareth, demanded answers from Azurathel who told him that they would have to wait as they had to stop the Primalists.[9]

The entire dracthyr army then gathered together as one and was soon joined by Ebyssian and Wrathion.[10] The dracthyr and dragons then rallied to the Froststone Vault in order to prevent the Primalist from freeing the Raszageth, an effort they would ultimately fail at.[14][12] The group was forced to flee from Raszageth's fury, rallying to the safety of the ruins of the combined Dark Talons and Obsidian Warders creche. It was there that they were joined by Nozdormu, who declared that the kingdoms of Azeroth had to be warned of Raszageth's release. Thus, Azurathel and the Obsidian Waders decided to join with Wrathion, who would guide them to the Alliance. Before they departed, Azurathel requested that Sarkareth and his Ebon Scales joined them; however, Sarkareth refused, renamed his group the Sundered Flame, and declared that they would claim their destiny by right. As he watched them depart, Azurathel reflected that their anger sent them down a dark path and feared the day he would meet Sarkareth as a rival on the field of battle. As they neared Stormwind City, he was impressed with its walls and declared that it would hold strong against a formidable adversary. As the dracthyr neared the city gates, they were approached by hostile guards. However, Mathias Shaw soon arrived and after a brief exchange allowed the group to enter the city. He and Wrathion then presented the Dragon Aspects invitation to visit the Dragon Isles.[11]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Azurathel and Wrathion then met with Turalyon, where Wrathion declared that Alexstrasza would be pleased that the Alliance had answered the call but would insist that conflict is not brought to their shores. Azurathel reminded them that the isles were home to the dracthyr as well and not a place to plunder. He then declared their intention to accompany the Alliance on their journey, while reflecting that it would take time to build trust between them. Turalyon admitted that as a fellow soldier, he perfectly understood his wariness.[15]

He directed adventurers with delivering his orders to his lieutenant, Dervishian.[16] As Azurathel and his Obsidian Warders arrived at the Stormwind Harbor, they were joined by Emberthal, who shared that Nozdormu had revealed to her the origins of the dracthyr, how Neltharion had put them to sleep, and that they had been in stasis for nearly twenty thousand years.




Old Weyrn Grounds, after N IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] The Dragon at the Door
Inhospitable, unwelcoming territory, infused with broken chaotic magic energy and barely-contained blue dragon rituals.
Perfect training ground.
In front of Stormsunder Crater
Proto-dragons flying in reinforcements. An elemental army being conjured on site. Tarasek recruited into their ranks.
Our enemy is efficient. And dangerous. This operation must have some greater purpose.
Hmm... Why do these Primalists seem so... familiar?
No time for that. Focus on the dracthyr trapped on the other side of this crater.
Further at the Stormsunder Crater
The enemy's ranks are growing. For every foe we strike down, two more take its place.
Focus on the Siege Creche. We must aid the Ebon Scales!
Stormwind City (after completing A IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] Ground Leave
Ah, <name>, I hope your exploration of the city has been fruitful.
I have been speaking with this Turalyon. He seems a capable leader and soldier, but he is a zealot. And one must be cautious of zealots.
It is too soon to know if the Alliance is will prove worthy of our trust. But it seems we share a common foe, and perhaps through battle we will forge a bond between us.
Stormwind Harbor
Hello again, <race>.
This is my trusted comrade, Emberthal. She too is a scalecommander. Well, she was. Her weyrn did not survive our long confinement.
We dracthyr have only just awakened, and we have only fractured memories of our past. But the bronze Aspect, Nozdormu, has peered through time to show Emberthal what transpired.
These truths are... troubling.
Gossip What have you learned of the dracthyr's origins?
Scalecommander Azurathel says: So it was Neltharion who gave the final order that sent us back to our creches.
Scalecommander Emberthal says: And bid his ally Malygos to weave a spell that would put us to sleep, under the guard of his blue dragons.
Scalecommander Emberthal says: Where we remained, abandoned and forgotten. Awakened only when the Primalists returned to break Raszageth free.
Dervishian says: Did... did you ask Nozdormu how long we slept?
Scalecommander Emberthal says: Nearly twenty thousand years.
Scalecommander Emberthal says: While we slumbered, the kingdom of dragons rose and fell, the world was sundered, and the Aspects surrendered their power to stop Nel... to stop Deathwing.
Scalecommander Azurathel says: Then our mission is clear. Whether back on the Dragon Isles or elsewhere in the lands of Azeroth, the dracthyr must find where we belong.
Wild Coast
It will be challenging to protect the expedition if its members insist on running haphazardly in every direction at once.
<Scalecommander Azurathel shakes his head and sighs.>
Greetings, <class>.
Gossip How have you been adapting to the world?
I would say this world is more... populated... than I was expecting.
The Alliance does not have enough order and discipline for my tastes, but they show promise and mean well. Given time we might mold them into a more unified and dignified fighting force.
Gossip I wish to talk about something else.
Gossip What do you think about Neltharion?
I would counter with another question: Does it matter what I think?
He is dead. I am told that before he died he did a great many evil deeds, became corrupted by Old Gods, and his children and flight made war on this world the likes of which led to a Cataclysm.
To me, he was a father and a leader. To everyone else, a murderer and world breaker. I will choose to remember him my way.
Gossip I wish to talk about something else.
Gossip What if the Horde and Alliance go to war again?
Ha! Well then allow me to congratulate you in advance. I am sure your forces will appreciate losing to only the best.
Gossip I want to ask something else.

He and Scalecommander Cindrethresh have a voiced conversation in Weyrnrest:

Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: Zury! I wondered if I'd recognize you in your visage. But somehow I just... knew it was you.
Scalecommander Azurathel says: I felt the same sensation. Your visage suits you well, my friend.
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: It does, doesn't it? Ebyssian said to look inside and let the magic within express how I wanted to be seen.
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: I guess the old dragon was right after all.
Scalecommander Azurathel says: His visage is that of a... tauren, correct? And it seems many dragons take the form of elves. I confess I am still learning the difference between them.
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: I hear some dragons even choose to look like gnomes, whatever that is.
Scalecommander Azurathel says: Wrathion could not tell me why our visages are so distinctive. Perhaps ours were meant for a different purpose.
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: All I know is that I like what I see. In myself, and in you.
Morqut Village gossip

Now that the storms have passed, we've got Primalists searching the island, pirates and rivals trying to grab all they can, and rebel dracthyr trying to force us off the island.

Look, I appreciate that everyone needs a place to sleep and food to eat, but first, we need to make sure no one's going to get killed. We've got a job to do. It's time to fight.


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