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HordeScalecommander Cindrethresh
Title <The Dark Talons>
Gender Genderfluid[1]
Race Dracthyr (Humanoid)
Class Evoker
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Dark Talons, Horde, Black dragonflight, Dragonscale Expedition
Occupation Scalecommander of the Dark Talons
Location Forbidden Reach
Status Alive

Scalecommander Cindrethresh is the leader of the Dark Talons, the dracthyr of the Horde.


Ancient times[]

Cindrethresh was one of the dracthyr created by Neltharion, who would come to select her to serve as the Scalecommander of the Dark Talons. Neltharion fashioned the Forbidden Reach as a secret training ground for the dracthyr,[2][3] where at his command Cindrethresh would train the Dark Talons to be an elite force would be feared by all enemies of the black dragonflight.[4] In a battle with Raszageth and the Primal Incarnates, the titan relic that Neltharion used to control the wills of the dracthyr was destroyed. Though Raszageth was sealed away, Neltharion could no longer directly control the dracthyr without the relic and so deemed them a risk.[5]

Cindrethresh and her people were thus subsequently ordered to the creches beneath the Forbidden Reach by Neltharion, where they were sealed away by Malygos in magical stasis and watched over by his blue dragonflight. They remained there, abandoned and forgotten for nearly 20,000 years, awakened from their long slumber only when the Primalists returned to break Raszageth free, as an ancient, magical surge rippled through the Forbidden Reach, the dracthyr awoke, but from their long stasis their memories became a blur.[6][7]

The Forbidden Reach[]

As the dracthyr awakened, Lapisagos ordered the blues to destroy them, a fact which took the awakened Cindrethresh off guard. She was soon approached by a group of dracthyr led by Scalecommander Azurathel, which gave her the reinforcements she needed to combat Lapisagos.[8] Though Azurathel was uneasy at the task, due to believing that the dragons and dracthyr should fight side by side, Cindrethresh reassured him that as Lapisagos intended to destroy them, they had no other choice. After slaying their enemy, the dracthyr emerged from the ruins of their creche only to discover that their training grounds had become overgrown and realized that they'd been in stasis for a very, very, long time.[9]

After helping other awakened dracthyr practice their abilities,[10] she and her allies were approached by Scalecommander Emberthal and discovered the Adamant Vigil were no more.[11] Determined not to lose any more of their people, Emberthal directed Cindrethresh to lead dracthyr adventurers to the Caldera of the Menders in order check on, and if need be rescue on the Healing Wings. As they flew towards the area, it was revealed that Cindrethresh was rather close with Scalecommander Viridia. Upon their arrival they were stunned to discover wounded members of the weyrn outside and that the creche itself had been overrun with bugs and toxic fumes.[12] The pair then rushed into the creche in order to save anyone inside, only to fall victim to the fumes themselves, and ended up being saved by Viridia.[13] While she remained behind to look after Viridia, she directed adventurers to thinning out the scythid in the area to ensure the safety of the dracthyr.[14] After the Healing Winds were successfully saved and restored, she remained to help while the adventurers went on ahead.[15]

After Scalecommander Sarkareth and the Ebon Scales were rescued, the entire dracthyr army gathered together as one and were soon joined by Ebyssian and Wrathion.[16] The dracthyr and dragons then rallied to the Froststone Vault in order to prevent the Primalist from freeing the Raszageth, an effort they would ultimately fail at.[17][18] The group was forced to flee from Raszageth's fury, rallying to the safety of the ruins of the combined Dark Talons and Obsidian Warders creche. It was there that they were joined by Nozdormu, who declared that the kingdoms of Azeroth must be warned of Raszageth's release. Thus Cindrethresh and her Dark Talons decided to join with Ebyssian, who would guide them to the Horde. Before they departed, she requested that Viridia and the Healing Wings join them, however Viridia refused and declared that she would go to the mainland of the Dragon Isles in order to help those in need. As they arrived to Orgrimmar, she was impressed by its structure but confident that it would not be able to keep them out. As they neared the city gates, they were met by hostile guards. However Mayla Highmountain soon arrived and diffused the situation. She then guided Ebyssian and Cindrethresh to the Horde Council, where the Ebyssian presented the Dragon Aspects invitation to visit the Dragon Isles.[19]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Cindrethresh, Ebyssian, Mayla, and Baine Bloodhoof met together soon after, where Ebyssian explained how the isles held great wonder and many perils and that Alexstrasza would not abide conflict on their shores. Cindrethresh reminded that the isles were home to the dracthyr as well and that they intended to rediscover their past and lay claim to their future. She and Dark Talons were then formally invited into the Horde, to which the dracthyr accepted.[20]

After the creation of the Dragonscale Expedition, Cindrethresh declared the Dark Talons would serve as their protection detail. While she discussed the mission logistics with Ebyssian and the Horde council, she directed adventurers with delivering her orders to her lieutenant, Kodethi.[21] As Cindrethresh and her Dark Talons arrived at the zeppelin tower at the Dranosh'ar Blockade near the port, they were joined by Emberthal, who shared that Nozdormu had revealed to her the origins of the dracthyr, how Neltharion had put them to sleep, and that they had been in stasis for nearly twenty thousand years.

After arriving to the Wild Coast on the Waking Shores, she directed adventures with culling the numbers of the Primal Proto-Drake in order to ensure that the expedition couldn't be ended before it truly began. As adventures departed to carry out their tasks, Naleidea Rivergleam directed the group with moving towards the Wingrest Embassy in order to meet with Wrathion. As they moved forward Cindrethresh, wanting a good fight, hoped the embassy was under attack. However her hopes for a fight were dashed and when adventures returned to her, she warned them that it was "eat or be eaten in the Dragon Isles."[22]

Sometime later, Cindrethresh made the journey to Valdrakken, where she reunited with Azurathel, remarked that Sarkareth's absence was probably a good thing as he would most likely cause an incident, and expressed her desire to find where Viridia went. When questioned as to how she was adapting to the world, she admitted that she loved how the Horde turned out to be a collection of undisciplined misfits and outcasts all held together with a loose desire to be better people and honor, and found her visage to be magical. She further reflected that Neltharion had earned his title as Deathwing and was terrified of what he might have asked them to do had he used them in the field.

Some time after the death of Raszageth, Cindrethresh and her fellow dracthyr returned to the Forbidden Reach. As part of the campaign to reclaim the area, she directed adventurers with striking various enemies within the isles, while also accepting gathered information from her Horde allies.[23]




After N IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] The Fire Within
I assume your own memory is as jumbled as mine, <name>?
Well, at least we have you among us as a well-honed evoker. Most of these talons are still green behind the horns.
In time, your memories and training should come back to you. That, or your mind will snap like a twig.
It is just like falling off a dragon's back in battle. You either glide... or you die.
During N IconSmall Dracthyr MaleIconSmall Dracthyr Female Evoker [58-60] Final Orders
This got out of hand in a hurry. Were we better prepared, I would insist upon ending the Storm-Eater here and now.
But I like challenges, not hopeless gestures.
We had best move. It will not be long before the storm overtakes us.
To non-dracthyr during the Dragon Isles intro, Orgrimmar
For the last time... yes, the wings are real.
Oh, wait. You're one of the Horde's champions, are you not? I'm still learning of its members. You are... don't tell me... an ogre, right?
Well, ogre, I am Cindrethresh, commander of the Dark Talons. Ebyssian guided us to Orgrimmar to speak to your leaders.
My people are the dracthyr, elite soldiers trained to fight for dragonkind. We hail from a distant shore, and your world is very different from the one we knew.
But you seem like a powerful ogre. If you fight well, perhaps I'll take a liking to you. And maybe even your Horde.
To dracthyr during the Dragon Isles intro, Orgrimmar
Hail, <name>. Finished scouting the city? Find any vulnerabilities?
That can wait, I suppose. I've been speaking with this Pain Bloodhand. I believe he is a... what did they call it... an ogre. Yes, that's it. Ogre.
He speaks even slower than Azurathel, if you can believe it. Even so, he seems a capable warrior. Perhaps the Horde may yet prove worthy of our might.
We share a common foe. Let's see how they fare in battle.
Dranosh'ar Blockade, Durotar
To non-dracthyr
Ah, ogre. I remember you.
This is my trusted comrade, Emberthal. She too is a scalecommander. Well, she was. Her weyrn did not survive.
We dracthyr were recently awakened from a long confinement, and we remember only broken fragments of our past. But Emberthal says that the bronze Aspect, Nozdormu, peered through time to show her a vision of what happened to us.
I... can hardly believe what she saw.
Gossip What have you learned of the dracthyr's origins?
To dracthyr
Fall in, <name>. There is news you must hear.
Emberthal has just arrived. She was granted a vision of our people's past by the bronze aspect, Nozdormu.
It seems there is much that was kept hidden from us.
Gossip What have you learned of the dracthyr's origins?
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: It was Neltharion. He gave the final order that sent us back to our creches. He betrayed us!
Scalecommander Emberthal says: And bid his ally Malygos to weave a spell that would put us to sleep, under the guard of his blue dragons.
Scalecommander Emberthal says: Where we remained, abandoned and forgotten. Awakened only when the Primalists returned to break Raszageth free.
Kodethi says: Did Nozdormu tell you how long we were kept in stasis?
Scalecommander Emberthal says: Nearly twenty thousand years.
Scalecommander Emberthal says: While we slumbered, the kingdom of dragons rose and fell, the world was sundered, and the Aspects surrendered their power to stop Nel... to stop Deathwing.
Scalecommander Emberthal says: We only have each other now. The dracthyr need a place in this world. Maybe it will be in the Dragon Isles... or maybe somewhere else.
Wild Coast, Waking Shores
Keep ready, <name>.
We'll be moving forward soon, whenever Naleidea is done planning our next move...
Which is to say it might not be soon at all.
<Scalecommander Cindrethresh looks around impatiently.>
This place is great. I am glad we managed to secure some space given how crowded Valdrakken is getting.
The dragons will need to acknowledge our kind and our contributions.
Probably a good thing Sarkareth is not here. He would be livid and probably demand one of the big dragon roost towers.
Now if I could just find where Viridia went.
Gossip How have you been adapting to the world?
The Horde has turned out to be a collection of undisciplined misfits and outcasts all held together with a loose desire to be better people and honor.
I love it!
Also look at this visage! Look at these legs! This face! Magical.
Neltharion had mentioned it might be something we would try eventually but he never really elaborated on the limitations.
Gossip What do you think about Neltharion?
Well, I hear they started calling him Deathwing before he died and he earned the title.
I am proud of what my weyrn is capable of doing and achieving, but I am terrified to think of what he might have asked us to do had he started using us in the field.
Gossip What if the Horde and Alliance go to war again?
HA! Please. If we went to war I would be worried about us getting bored and going home after waiting for the Obsidian Warders to show up. That batch of lizards take forever to get into position.

He and Scalecommander Azurathel have a voiced conversation in Weyrnrest:

Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: Zury! I wondered if I'd recognize you in your visage. But somehow I just... knew it was you.
Scalecommander Azurathel says: I felt the same sensation. Your visage suits you well, my friend.
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: It does, doesn't it? Ebyssian said to look inside and let the magic within express how I wanted to be seen.
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: I guess the old dragon was right after all.
Scalecommander Azurathel says: His visage is that of a... tauren, correct? And it seems many dragons take the form of elves. I confess I am still learning the difference between them.
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: I hear some dragons even choose to look like gnomes, whatever that is.
Scalecommander Azurathel says: Wrathion could not tell me why our visages are so distinctive. Perhaps ours were meant for a different purpose.
Scalecommander Cindrethresh says: All I know is that I like what I see. In myself, and in you.
Morqut Village gossip

I'm worried about Viridia. She works so hard. She takes on so much, worrying about everyone's welfare.

I know she's a strong leader, but if she seems a little overworked... could you let me know?


  • When Cindrethresh says in Valdrakken that he wants to find Viridia, Viridia is ironically in just the next building over.
  • Cindrethresh's dracthyr form is voiced by Caitlyn Elizabeth,[24] and his visage form is voiced by Kay Eluvian.[25]

Patch changes[]


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