Scared Pandaren Cub

Neutral 32.pngScared Pandaren Cub
Scared Pandaren Cub.jpg
Image of Scared Pandaren Cub
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 10-35
Location Forest Heart, Jade Forest
Status Alive

Scared Pandaren Cubs are friends of An Windfur and Shin who escaped through the Forest Heart of Jade Forest from the Jade Witch's summoned jade monsters, hiding in the trees until an adventurer got them down.



Eep! Save me from the monsters!
Gossipgossipicon.png It's safe now. You can come down.
  • Next time I see a jade monster I'm gonna punch it in the naughty bits.
  • Thank you for saving me!
  • It was An! She dared Shin to go knock on the Jade Witch's door.
  • I want my mommy.
  • I tried to boot a jade monster in the head but hurt my paw.

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