Scarlet Salvage

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NeutralScarlet Salvage
Start Crusade Commander Korfax
End Crusade Commander Korfax
Level 42 (Requires 39)
Category Eastern Plaguelands
Experience 4800
Reputation +325 Argent Crusade
Rewards 55s
Previous N [42] To Take the Barracks
Next N [42] Argent Upheaval


Obtain the Crimson Boar, Lihanna's Strand, the Shroud of Uther, and Gavinrad's Sigil.


This battle was won before it started. Right now, we're just shooting for style points.

Within these barracks, the sniveling Scarlet Crusaders cling to their priceless artifacts, even though some of the objects are too holy for their now-undead hand to touch. So they keep them in chests, hidden from the world.

You will find these artifacts, and bring them back to me. They belong to be among the Argent Crusade. They belong in the hands of the righteous.


I hope you gave them a fight.


Well done, <name>. I will deliver these to Tyrosus when we return.


You will receive: 55s


  1. N [42] The Brotherhood of Light
  2. N [42] Soft Landing
  3. Two sets of quests, in any order:
    The Barracks
    1. N [42] To Take the Barracks
    2. In any order:
    3. N [42] Argent Upheaval
    The Abbey
    1. N [42] To Take the Abbey
    2. In any order:
    3. N [42] Befouled No More
  4. N [43] Like Rats

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