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Scarlet battle mage
Affiliation Scarlet Crusade (initially; defectors are possible)
Predecessor class Mage
Favored by HumanHuman Human
Weapon proficiency Martial weapons
Skill(s) Concentration, Knowledge (arcana, religion), Spellcraft
Special notes Focus more on fire spells.
Blend melee and magic.
Sources: Dark Factions, pg. 76-78
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Scarlet Battle Mage prestige class icon.[1]

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

While most associate the Scarlet Crusade with the decline of the Knights of the Silver Hand, members of the organization come from many different backgrounds — the Scarlet Crusade includes former members of the Kirin Tor and other arcane spellcasters. Scarlet battle magi are some of the deadliest members of the Scarlet Crusade; their knowledge of arcane magic is tempered with zeal and training in martial arms. In combat, powerful battle magi might charge into a unit of Scourge creatures and lay it to waste with incendiary magic, and then obliterate any survivors with ordinary or enchanted steel. Battle magi are among the rarest of their order and are highly respected. The overwhelming majority of battle magi are trained in Tyr's Hand and the newly founded Scarlet Monastery, and then sent to the locations where they are most needed. While the Scarlet Crusade opposes both the Forsaken and the Scourge, battle magi are typically assigned to deal with the latter, since the Scourge is considered more dangerous. Since normal spells and swords are typically ineffective against the stronger members of the Scourge, Scarlet battle magi focus their studies on fire magic. While most of their spells are designed to destroy large groups of weak monsters, battle magi also learn to empower their weapons, knowing that situations arise where ranged magic might fail. Overall, Scarlet battle magi are versatile, and that quality makes them feared by their enemies — and the rest of the world.

Like all members of the Scarlet Crusade, Scarlet battle magi are humans. Most began their careers as magi. As members of the Scarlet Crusade, and typically among the most zealous members of the organization, battle magi are unpopular among the educated members of the Alliance. A battle mage who flaunts her title is likely to be considered insane and turned away by any adventuring party; many battle magi know this well enough conceal their identities. Some battle magi despise or disdain the rest of the world and travel only with other members of their organization. When a battle mage participates in an adventuring group, she often takes a leadership or front line role, in spite of the tendency of most spellcasters to do the opposite. Battle magi have a reputation for fearlessly charging into battle — a reputation that is not always remembered in a positive light. Battle magi deal with their targets quickly, using instantaneous spells to eliminate weak opponents immediately. Their spells and reflexes are impressive, which may ensure the battle mage’s stay within an adventuring group, even if she is not entirely trusted.[2]

In World of Warcraft[]

Mob Crimson Battle Mages can be found in Stratholme.


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