Schematic: EZ-Thro Dynamite

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  • Schematic: EZ-Thro Dynamite
  • Use: Teaches you how to make EZ-Thro Dynamite.
    • Ez-Thro Dynamite
    • Use: The dynamite for Non-Engineers that nearly always gets to the target! Inflicts 51 to 69 Fire damage in a 5 yard radius. (1 Min Cooldown)
    • Requires Level 10
    • Sell Price: 75c
  • Requires Coarse Blasting Powder (4), Wool Cloth
  • Requires Engineering (100)
  • Sell Price: 2s


This item is a World Drop in level 10-30 zones.


  • Oddly enough, the schematic uses "EZ" while the actual item uses "Ez". Most likely it is a naming mistake which so far has been overlooked.

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