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MobSchnottz's crew
Main leader IconSmall Goblin Male Commander Schnottz †
Secondary leaders IconSmall DragonBlack IconSmall Human Male Myzerian
Race(s) GoblinGoblin Goblin
HumanHuman Human
Character classes Warrior, Rifleman, Scout
Capital Schnottz's Landing
Theater of operations Uldum
Affiliation Black dragonflight
Status Disbanded

Schnottz's crew[1] (simply referred to as troopers[2] and employees)[3] is an organization[4] led by Commander Schnottz operating in Uldum. The group is at least partially funded by private businessmen.[5] They are referred to as over-aggressive pillagers.[6]

The crew has a strict policy, one that is taken most seriously: the troops are to dress in official uniform at all times. This helps with organization, friendly fire incidents are reduced, and it keeps the troops looking wonderful. This that what they call "Fashionism".[7]

Schnottz's operatives are digging all over Uldum in order to find relics. The crew is however dissatisfied, and dissensions are appearing within its ranks.[8]

Following the events in Uldum, the remnants of the crew regrouped at the Maker's Ascent, though ultimately the group was disbanded by the time of the Assault in Uldum, where it is noted that all of the former holdings have either been abandoned or taken over by the Wastewanders, along with a significant amount of their abandoned equipment.


Testing realms[]

Notes and trivia[]

  • Aaron "Sandy Toes" Williamson is a former member.
  • Many members of this group were once part of the Wastewanders.[9]
  • Most members are wearing a brown uniform with a turtle-shell helmet, a large backpack and a Inv weapon rifle 23 [Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle], but the Elite soldiers are wearing the Defias Leather set with a black bandana instead.
  • The members speak with a German accent.
  • Schnottz's crew is a reference to the Nazi villains in the Indiana Jones franchise. Schnottz himself is probably based on Arnold Toht and Colonel Dietrich due to the circumstances of Schnottz's death and his name, which bears a slight phonetic similarity.
  • Schnottz Sea Troopers may be a pun on Nazi Troopers.
    • Fans tend to call this group as a whole the "Schnottzis".
  • Members of Schnottz's crew were to appear in the updated Uldum with the title of <Schnottz Cartel>.