Scimitar of the Sirocco.

Scimitar of the Sirocco is a rare archaeology artifact that requires 450 skill to find and 150 Tol'vir Archaeology Fragments to solve. Up to three  [Tol'vir Hieroglyphic] keystones may be used to complete it.


This Bind to Account one-hand sword is optimized for dual wielding frost Death knight death knights and fury Warrior warriors.



The scimitar is fashioned of bronze but inlaid with a great deal of gold. A warm wind seems to cling to it. The blade is sharply curved in the 'sickle sword' design called a khopesh by the tol'vir.


This weapon was once a set of scimitars forged by the renowned Ramhaken bronzesmith Irmaat. Each was designed to represent one of the djinn lords of the Four Winds. All four scimitars were thought lost, but if this one could be reconstructed, maybe there is hope for the others.


  • Sirocco is the real world Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara Desert into North Africa and Southern Europe. It is therefore assumed that the Scimitar represents Siamat, Lord of the South Wind.

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