Scorched Sands Arena

The Scorched Sands Arena is a ruined troll arena located on the north side of the Scorched Sands Outpost in southern Vol'dun,[43.4, 74] just west of Zul'Ahjin and southwest of Atul'Aman. Marauders holing up here regularly steal supplies from the nearby outpost.[1] Razgaji, the leader of the Scorched Sands Outpost, can be found standing on the arena's southern edge and asks adventurers to help him convince the rival gang leader Mojambo and his henchmons to leave. While Mojambo agrees to leave, he also promises to return and kill Razgaji.[2] Just as adventurers finish gathering supplies for the outpost, Mojambo and his gang return and do battle with the Scorched Sands Outcasts until adventurers kill Mojambo and force his thugs to flee.[3]

A Mysterious Trashpile can be found on the northwestern edge of the arena.


Around the edges of the arena:

On the arena floor:

Near the Mysterious Trashpile:

In the dunes below the northern and western sides of the arena:

During N [30-50] Saurid Surprise:


  • The removed beta quest H [110 - 120] Last Respects indicates that the arena was originally supposed to show the aftermath of a battle between the outcasts and a group of sethrak. The only in-game remnant of this is the Sethrak Invader corpses that spawn in the arena during N [30-50] Saurid Surprise and then disappear again with no explanation.


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