Scourge Transporter

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Scourge Transporter
Scourge Transporter activate

The Scourge Transporters are fixed devices found throughout Icecrown Citadel to allow the Lich King and and his minions to quickly travel around the frozen throne. After defeating certain bosses within, they become available to use by the players for the same purpose.


To use, simply right-click the transporter and choose the location you wish to travel to:

The transporter glimmers with a crystalline light.

Gossip Light's Hammer - This station is at the beginning of the instance.
Gossip Oratory of the Damned - This station opens up after you defeat Lord Marrowgar
Gossip Rampart of Skulls - This station opens up after you defeat Lady Deathwhisper.
Gossip Deathbringer's Rise - This station opens up after your faction wins the Gunship Battle.
Gossip Upper Spire - This station opens up after entering the Spire.
Gossip Sindragosa's Lair - This station opens up after successfully healing Valithria Dreamwalker.

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These are updated forms of the Ulduar Teleporters, in which it does not give you the option to transport to the same location which you currently stand. It also does more than move you to another location, it encases the player in a block of ice for transport.

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