Scourgeholme is a Scourge fortress located in eastern Icecrown. The Argent Crusade plans to purge the area of Scourge forces and build a new fortress on the site, which Tirion Fordring will call "Justice Keep". Their first attack on Scourgeholme was initially successful, but they were quickly overrun and had to retreat back to Argent Vanguard.[1] Many crusaders were captured, and these Captured Crusaders have to be freed by the player before the Argent Crusade attacks Scourgeholme again.

The area contains a slaughterhouse and a ziggurat.


This area phases a few times while the player works to purge the area for the Argent Crusade. Early in the chain the Lich King can be found here raising Frostbrood Destroyers to send to the Argent Vanguard.

During Death Rising, the area was infected with Gloomshroom which grew bigger among cadavers.


Scourgeholme digsite

Scourgeholme Digsite map.jpg

Scourgeholme is a nerubian archaeology dig site.

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