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Scouring Tithe

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Scouring Tithe
Ability bastion warlock.png
  • Scouring Tithe
  • Warlock ability
  • 40 yd range
  • 2% of base mana
  • 40 sec cooldown
  • 2 sec cast
  • Deal (54% of Spell power) Arcane damage instantly, and (90% of Spell power) over 18 sec. If the enemy dies while affected by Scouring Tithe, you generate 5 Soul Shard. If they survive, Scouring Tithe's cooldown is refreshed.
Usable by
Class Warlock
School Arcane
Cooldown 40 sec
Related buff
Ability bastion warlock.png
  • Magic
  • Scouring Tithe
  • Suffering (15% of Spell power) Arcane damage every 3 sec.
  • Duration: 18 seconds

Scouring Tithe is a warlock ability unlocked for members of the Kyrian Covenant.

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