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This article is about the RPG class. For other uses, see Scout (disambiguation).
Sneaky Scout HS

Sneaky Scout in Hearthstone.

Scouts of various races serve the Horde, Alliance and neutral and hostile organizations in Azeroth and beyond.


In World of Warcraft[]

In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.
Scout RPG icon

Scout class icon in WoW: The RPG.

The scout excels in wilderness survival and is skilled in combat. They can track a day-old trail and snipe from the treetops with equal facility. Scouts often serve as guides for adventurers, if they are not out adventuring themselves. Though the scout is at home in the wild, they are more a guerrilla fighter than a defender of nature. Scouts are found in any race. No matter their region, from forests to mountains to swamps, all races need and train scouts as guilds and specialized fighters. Scouts are solitary and have somewhat individualistic natures.[2]

Epic scout[]


Dwarven epic scout in the RPG.

The epic scout does not just master the wilderness — they control it. To enter their territory unbidden is to invite swift death from an unseen bullet or scything trap. The epic scout can track down and destroy his enemies with unnerving ease; to hide from them is impossible. As the epic scout excels at specialty offense and defense, they increase these capabilities as they advance. Stealth can be important to him as well. Almost all the abilities are useful to them. Strength and constitution improve their fighting prowess, and dexterity is especially important if they wield ranged weapons. Intelligence provides more skills, while wisdom improves their healing ability and their chances to detect their foes. They freely choose to ignore charisma.[3]

Satyr scout[]

Satyr scouts are the antithesis of everything that night elf scouts stand for. While their hated night elf cousins fight with bows and use their abilities to tend the forests, satyr scouts prefer hand-to-hand combat, striking by surprise, and dominating nature for their demonic masters. Satyr scouts use wild healing selfishly, not bothering to aid another unless they get something out of it.[4]