Scout's Dishonor

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AllianceScout's Dishonor
Start Ashlan Stonesmirk
End Ashlan Stonesmirk
Level 18 (Requires 15)
Category Loch Modan
Experience 4,600
Reputation +250 Ironforge
Rewards  [Strange Smelling Boots],  [Clue-Finder's Leggings],  [Bracers of Alarm],  [Kizmet's Wrap]
Next A [18] A Dark Threat, Remembered


Collect the Dark Iron Dispatch from the Dark Iron Scout.


The Dark Iron are up to their usual tricks out here. They've been keeping to themselves, but I just know trouble's brewing.

We're going to take a look at it. There's a Dark Iron Scout puttering around the center of what used to be the Loch, keeping an eye out. I want you to take him out and bring back any documents or orders he has.

If my suspicions are unfounded... I'll take the blame from Moira myself. Promise ya.


You will receive:


  1. A [18] Scout's Dishonor
  2. A [18] A Dark Threat, Remembered
  3. A [20] All The King's Men

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