HordeScouting the Pens
Start Neri Sharpfin
End Neri Sharpfin
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Nazjatar
Experience 17,850
Reputation +75 The Unshackled
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H [120] Settling In
Next H [120] Save A Friend


Find the scouts.

If you lose Neri, return to the conch to call her.


Some of our scouts have not returned.

They have been keeping an eye on the Zanj'ir Slave Pens.

The naga there take our people. They break their minds. Our scouts watch them, and when there is a window, they rescue them.

Something is going on. We need to get them home!


You will receive:


Did we find everyone?


Thank you, <name>, for helping us.

We have lost too many, we can't stop here!


Approaching Nelu
Neri Sharpfin says: Nelu was always a strong fighter.
Neri Sharpfin says: She was also my friend. I'll miss her.
Inspecting the corpse

<Her body is cut and burned. Her feet and knuckles are torn.

The are has beenn disturbed by recent activity.>

Approaching Sandel
Sandel Fin says: Poen and Mak... in danger... help them!
Neri Sharpfin says: Sandel! No, not you, too!
Sandel Fin yells: Aaaigh!
Approaching Poen
Neri Sharpfin says: Poen! Oh, thank goodness.
Poen Gillbrack says: Help! They took Mak! She was trying to save me!


  1. H [120] Create Your Own Strength
  2. H [120] Settling In
  3. H [120] Scouting the Pens
  4. H [120] Save A Friend
  5. H [120] Becoming a Friend & H [120] Down Into Nazjatar
  6. H [120] Insight into Our Enemies
  7. H [120] Deteriorating Knowledge & H [120] The Price is Death
  8. H [120] What We Know of the Naga
  9. H [120] Scouting Undercover
  10. H [120] Sating Snapdragons & H [120] Working with Purpose
  11. H [120] We Can't Have Dull Weapons
  12. H [120] Stealing the Naga's Secrets
  13. H [120] Sea Slug Liquidation & H [120] Coveted Crystals
  14. H [120] Let the Residue Lead You
  15. H [120] Clearing Out the Cache

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