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Scribal Knowledge

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NeutralScribal Knowledge
Start Allari the Souleater
End Zaria Shadowheart
Level 10-45
Category Inscription
Experience 15,340
Rewards 16g 20s
Previous N Inscription [10-45] The Price of Power
Next N Inscription [10-45] Control is Key & N Inscription [10-45] Runes of Power


Find Zaria Shadowheart near the Felblaze Ingress in Azsuna.


We do not simply fight the demons, <name>. We observe them.

One of my best demon hunters, Zaria Shadowheart, is currently gathering intel on the demons in Felblaze Ingress.

Go to her. She will teach you what she has learned from the demons invading that region.


You will receive: 16g 20s


Kayn[sic] has sent you to learn from me? In that case, I have much to tell.



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