Not to be confused with Scroll of Safe Passage (Shrine of the Storm).
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Scroll of Safe Passage.

The Scroll of Safe Passage is found in the Crescent Cove in Stormsong Valley.


Scroll of Safe Passage

Fate's End is surrounded by a dense and deadly fog. As many souls have been lost to the whispers of the tides as to the rocky shoals that surround the island. It is a cursed place, and only those who have been washed clean of their mortal shells may know the path of safe passage. Safe passage is therefore achieved by calling home those mariners lost to violents[sic] seas.

The Ritual Knife, Ritual Lantern, and Ritual Bell are to be each used once in the proper order. Only then can they make the journey back to us so we may be guided by their wisdom.

The lost mariners cannot land on shore without a beacon to guide them. The lost mariners will return if they do not hear out call. The lost mariners cannot return if the seas are rough, they must be reassured the sea is calm.

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