Scuttle Coast

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Scuttle Coast

The Scuttle Coast [61, 52] is on the east coast of Durotar, looking out to the Great Sea. It is southeast of Razor Hill and north of Tiragarde Keep. The coast was littered with ships from Kul Tiras, smashed upon the rocks as a result of the great battles fought between the orcs and Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's fleet. During the Cataclysm, a large tidal wave swept the region, washing many of the sunken ships ashore. Angry sea elementals brought in by the tide now roam the beach, attacking those that come near.

The orcs are still salvaging bits and pieces of gnome technology from the stores of the ships, while trying to curb the presence of the sea elementals.

During the Fourth War, Alliance forces were sent to salvage the area.[1]




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