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The Sea King is a pirate ship of the Blackwater Raiders once captained by Adashe Flintwill.


Around the year 28, Adashe became a captain and was presented by the Sea King by Fleet Master Seahorn who assigned Joe Barker as his first mate. Adashe then chose his siblings to become a part of his crew as well. After several weeks of its first voyage, the Sea King crew plundered the merchant ship Winter's Knot. When the crew were enjoying its spoils and were a bit light-headed, the Sea King was attacked by two Bloodsail ships, the Orca and the Killmonger. Most of the crew was killed while the others were captured, the Flintwill siblings being among the latter group. One of the Bloodsail captains, Ironpatch, executed Adashe by severing his head. His two brothers were then killed as well, but ultimately Makasa avenged their deaths during the chaos issued by the Wavestrider crew that had secretely boarded the ship. Upon being freed, Makasa took Adashe's harpoon and impaled the orc captain. After this, the bodies of the Flintwill brothers and the deceased Sea King crewmen were buried at the sea. Boatswain Enric Torque then took command of the King and returned to Seahorn in Booty Bay.[1]


Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Human Male.gif Adashe Flintwill Deceased Captain
IconSmall Worgen Male.gifIconSmall Human Male.gif Joe Barker Unknown First Mate
IconSmall Human Female.gif Akashinga Flintwill Deceased Second Mate
IconSmall Human Male.gif Amahle Flintwill Deceased Third Mate
IconSmall Human Girl.gif Makasa Flintwill Alive Lookout
O'Ryen Jones Alive Quartermaster
Enric Torque Alive Boatswain