For the quest, see B [30-35] Sea Legs.
Sea Legs
Inv elemental primal water.png
  • Sea Legs
  • Instant
  • Grants water breathing and increases sea floor movement speed by 60% while in Vashj'ir.
Usable by
Class All
School N/A
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown

Sea Legs is a buff rewarded from completing the eponymously-named quest immediately after getting shipwrecked in Vashj'ir on B [30-35] Call of Duty.

The buff provides both water-breathing and a movement speed increase. After the quest, players will always have this buff in Vashj'ir and its three zones (of Kelp'thar Forest, the Shimmering Expanse and the Abyssal Depths).

The speed bonus depends on how the player is moving:

  • Swimming above the sea floor has its speed more than doubled, becoming 48% faster than running on land.
  • Running on the sea floor is as fast as apprentice riding on land at 60% faster than running on land.
  •  [Sea Turtle] speed is increased to 2.5 times its value in regular waters.

Aquatic speeds

Movement type yd/sec Run % Swim %
Normal swimming  4.7222  67.46% 100%
Normal swimming with Swift Landing
 [Azure Silk Belt]
 [Glompmaw's Ring]
 5.4306  77.58% 115%
[Unending Breath]  5.6667  80.95% 120%
 [Hook of the Master Angler]  6.375  91.07% 135%
[Speedbarge Diving Helm] (swimming)  7.5556 107.94% 160%
Most aquatic mounts
[Travel Form]
 [Swim Speed Potion]
 [Shimmerscale Diving Suit]
 [Pocket-Sized Computation Device] via  [Slipstream Generator]
 9.4444 134.92% 200%
[Sea Legs] (swimming) 10.3417 147.74% 219%
 [Feast of the Fishes] 10.6250 151.79% 225%
[Speedbarge Diving Helm] (running)
[Sea Legs] (running)
11.2 160% 237%
 [Underlight Angler] with [Underlight Blessing] 11.8055 168.7% 250%
 [Cursed Swabby Helmet] 14.1666 202.38% 300%
[Sea Legs] on most aquatic mounts 18.8889 269.84% 400%
 [Vashj'ir Seahorse] 25.9722 371.03% 550%

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