• Sea Turtle
  • Binds when picked up
  • Mount
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon a Sea Turtle mount. This mount can't move very quickly on land, but she's a great swimmer.
  • Requires Apprentice Riding

The Sea Turtle is an aquatic/land mount that improves swim speed by 60% normally, and by 300% if the rider has [Sea Legs] in Vashj'ir. She provides no speed bonus on land and does not scale with riding skill. The Sea Turtle was the first official aquatic mount in the game, and currently the second of two amphibious aquatic mounts, the first being the  [Riding Turtle].


This mount is a very rare catch that may be obtained while fishing in level 70+ zones, and Shipwreck Debris around Darkmoon Island.

If you have a Level 3 Fishing Shack in your garrison, this can also drop from Lunarfall Cavedweller/Frostdeep Cavedweller from fishing in your garrison pond.

Icon description

"Summons and dismisses a rideable Sea Turtle. This mount can't move very quickly on land, but she's a great swimmer.

Due to her calm and steady nature, swim speed is not affected by effects that increase or decrease mount speed."

Mount Journal

Often caught by fishermen at a young age, these mounts are much more comfortable in the water than they are on land.


A troll riding the Sea Turtle through the North Sea.

Obtaining this mount will earn the achievement  [Turtles All the Way Down].


  • This mount does not include underwater breathing.
  • She's a recolor of the Riding Turtle, blue with a green shell.

Aquatic speeds

Movement type yd/sec Run % Swim %
Normal swimming  4.7222  67.46% 100%
Normal swimming with Swift Landing
 [Azure Silk Belt]
 [Glompmaw's Ring]
 5.4306  77.58% 115%
[Unending Breath]  5.6667  80.95% 120%
 [Hook of the Master Angler]  6.375  91.07% 135%
[Speedbarge Diving Helm] (swimming)  7.5556 107.94% 160%
Most aquatic mounts
[Travel Form]
 [Swim Speed Potion]
 [Shimmerscale Diving Suit]
 [Pocket-Sized Computation Device] via  [Slipstream Generator]
 9.4444 134.92% 200%
[Sea Legs] (swimming) 10.3417 147.74% 219%
[Well Fed] 10.6250 151.79% 225%
[Speedbarge Diving Helm] (running)
[Sea Legs] (running)
11.2 160% 237%
 [Underlight Angler] with [Underlight Blessing] 11.8055 168.7% 250%
 [Cursed Swabby Helmet] 14.1666 202.38% 300%
[Sea Legs] on most aquatic mounts 18.8889 269.84% 400%
 [Vashj'ir Seahorse] 25.9722 371.03% 550%

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