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  • Seal of Inevitable Fate
  • Twists fate to provide an opportunity for an additional treasure in Hellfire Citadel.
  • Total Maximum: 20

Seals of Inevitable Fate are currency used for Bonus Rolls like [Elder Charm of Good Fortune] or [Warforged Seal], except these are used in Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2 raids: Hellfire Citadel and Supreme Lord Kazzak. Only three may be acquired weekly, but there are many ways to acquire them.


Weekly quests

Players may choose the weekly quest route, choosing from four different currencies to exchange for a Seal. The same currency may be used more than once, but each exchange will cost double the amount as the previous exchange in the same currency.


  1. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Gold (500g)
  2. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Piles of Gold (1,000g)
  3. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Immense Fortune of Gold (2,000g)

Apexis Crystals:

  1. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Apexis Crystals (500 Apexis Crystal)
  2. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Heap of Apexis Crystals (1,000 Apexis Crystal)
  3. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Mountain of Apexis Crystals (2,000 Apexis Crystal)

Garrison Resources:

  1. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Garrison Resources (1,000 Garrison Resources)
  2. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Stockpiled Garrison Resources (2,000 Garrison Resources)
  3. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Tremendous Garrison Resources (4,000 Garrison Resources)


  1. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Honor (500 Honor Points)
  2. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Extended Honor (1,000 Honor Points)
  3. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Monumental Honor (2,000 Honor Points)

Dwarven Bunker/War Mill

A level three Dwarven Bunker or War Mill will award a seal for free each week. This seal counts as one of the three.[1]

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  1. ^ Bashiok on Twitter (2014-12-02).​ “FYI Missions that reward a Seal of Tempered Fate don't count toward weekly cap (3), like the one from the Bunker/Mill does.”

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