NeutralSealing Fate: Apexis Crystals
Start Fate-Twister Seress [43.4, 88.0] / Fate-Twister Tiklal [17.8, 57.6]
End Fate-Twister Seress [43.4, 88.0] / Fate-Twister Tiklal [17.8, 57.6]
Level 40 (Requires 40)
Type Weekly
Category Ashran
Rewards [Seal of Inevitable Fate]
Repeatable Yes


You seem like the type who is always seeking power, no? These seals provide an investment, if you will, in your future power.

I also seek power, but one that is a more immediate and tangible. If you manage to find some crystals, we can make a deal.

Remember, you can only obtain three seals per week. This counts as one of those three. Next week, I may have others.


Of course you agree.


You will receive:


  • Players may acquire THREE Seals of Inevitable Fate every week, and this weekly quest counts as one of those three acquisitions. It is cheapest overall to spread out the acquisitions over the four different currencies: [Apexis Crystal], [Garrison Resources], Gold, and [Honor Points], as acquiring an additional seal with the same currency will cost double the amount.



  1. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Gold (500g)
  2. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Piles of Gold (1,000g)
  3. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Immense Fortune of Gold (2,000g)

Apexis Crystals:

  1. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Apexis Crystals (500 Apexis Crystal)
  2. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Heap of Apexis Crystals (1,000 Apexis Crystal)
  3. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Mountain of Apexis Crystals (2,000 Apexis Crystal)

Garrison Resources:

  1. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Garrison Resources (1,000 Garrison Resources)
  2. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Stockpiled Garrison Resources (2,000 Garrison Resources)
  3. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Tremendous Garrison Resources (4,000 Garrison Resources)


  1. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Honor (500 Honor Points)
  2. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Extended Honor (1,000 Honor Points)
  3. N [40W] Sealing Fate: Monumental Honor (2,000 Honor Points)

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