NeutralSearching For Clues
Start Fleet Admiral Tethys
End Fleet Admiral Tethys
Level 10-45
Category Rogue Campaign
Experience 15,500
Rewards 16g 60s
Previous N Rogue [10-45] Mystery at Citrine Bay
Next N Rogue [10-45] Dark Secrets and Shady Deals


Find proof of SI:7 working with The Red Blade.


It be no coincidence that we be in Citrine Bay investigatin' a murder, and we find th' band 'o pirates known as th' Red Blade here as well!

Aye, this be no coincidence at all, <name>... but we be needin' proof!

Ye go on ahead and look fer clues and I'll find some scallywags to interrogate.

Aye <name>, we'll get t' 'th bottom o' this t' be sure!. Thar be no doubt!


You will receive:

  • 16g 60s
  • 15,500 XP


Have ye found evidence 'o th' murder from th' pirates 'o th' Red Blade?


Aye, what do ye have thar? 'tis be a letter from Master Mathias Shaw himself! Writ' to th' Red Blade no less.

Aye, it be just as I thought... these orders be fishier than a bucket 'o chum!


Orders looted
SI:7 Orders says: I, Master Mathias Shaw, hereby authorize The Red Blade to hunt down the rogue agent Amber Kearnen.
SI:7 Orders says: Bring me her head, and The Red Blade will have full access to Stormwind Bay and a royal pardon for past crimes committed.
Quest completion
Fleet Admiral Tethys says: SI:7 be sailin' wit' th' Red Blade? 'tis be not jolly news...


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