Seaside Salvage

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AllianceSeaside Salvage
Start Kelsey Steelspark [51.2, 29.9]
End Kelsey Steelspark [51.2, 29.9]
Level 45 (Requires 43)
Category Tanaris
Experience 5540
Reputation +250 Gnomeregan
Rewards 65s


Collect 7 Steamwheedle Supplies.


If we want to convince Mister Noggenfogger to let us move more gnomes here, we've got to show him just how nice we are! I know just the thing.

Gadgetzan's under blockade by pirates, but plenty of the goods that get blown off the ships survive intact... they just wash away. Most of them wash up in the shallows just south of town.

If you could go collect those supplies for them, it'd help us make friends! And it'll keep that mean goblin girl over there from taking them and selling them.


You will receive: 65s


Do you have a whole buncha boxes? Let's see!


Most of this looks just fine! How lucky!

The Steamwheedle goblins will be so happy to see their cargo back safe and sound. And here's a reward for your good deeds, of course!

We've got lots of other stuff to do though! Busy busy!

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