Seasoned Wolf Kabobs

For the Classic version of this quest, see Alliance 15.png [25] Seasoned Wolf Kabobs.
Alliance 32.pngSeasoned Wolf Kabobs
Start Chef Grual
End Chef Grual
Level 21 (Requires 18)
Category Duskwood
Experience 2,000
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Rewards 4x Inv misc food 16.png [Seasoned Wolf Kabob] and Inv scroll 03.png [Recipe: Seasoned Wolf Kabob]
13 Silver.png


Requires a cooking skill of 50.


Gather 5 Wolf Skirt Steaks from Dire Wolves.


Seasoned Wolf Kabobs are a house favorite! Sure, I can make you some. But first I'll need the supplies.

Bring me five wolf skirt steaks. The dire wolves near the river north of town are good to hunt; I wouldn't stray too far into the woods if I were you.


You will receive: 13 Silver.png
Inv misc food 16.png 4x [Seasoned Wolf Kabob] Inv scroll 03.png [Recipe: Seasoned Wolf Kabob]


Were you able to find five wolf skirt steaks yet?


Mmm-mmm! The skirtsteak's the best part. It's not an efficient way to cook, though.

Here, have this recipe. It's a little different, but flank meat's easier to come by when you really need a meal.


  1. Alliance 15.png [20] Hero's Call: Duskwood! (optional breadcrumb)
  2. Alliance 15.png [20] Wolves at Our Heels
  3. Alliance 15.png [20] The Night Watch
  4. Alliance 15.png [21] Bones That Walk

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