The Seat of the Primus exterior.

Seat of the Primus interior with the statue of the Primus.

Seat of the Primus (or Seat of Primus) in Maldraxxus is the Covenant Sanctum available only to members of the Necrolord Covenant. It's the seat of power of the Necrolords.[1] The Necrolords Anima Conductor, Travel Network, and more found here.


map of the Seat of the Primus



Notes and trivia

  • Shem Dawson is responsible for making the exterior of the Seat of the Primus, which he calls the "Throne of the Necro-Lord"; the interior design was made by Luis Armstrong-Torres and the orbs on the Throne were made by Jordan Powers.[2]
  • In other languages, the word "Seat" has been translated to the word "Throne" and "Primus" has been translated to "Prelate" or another clerical title. See Primus#Notes and trivia for more information.
  • Within the Seat, there's a default portal to the "Overlook" of the Seat of the Primus. During development, this area was a subzone labeled the Lap of the Primus. On live, it is part of the Bleak Redoubt.