Not to be confused with Sebastian (horse).
Image of Sebastian
Title <The Organist>
Gender Male
Race Ghost (Undead)
Level 70 / 110 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Opera Hall, Karazhan
Status Active

Sebastian is one of Karazhan's numerous ghostly denizens. He is the tower's organist, and plays the accompanying music to the Opera Event. He can be found next to the organ in the Opera Hall. He claims his massive instrument is the finest in all of Lordaeron.


Before completing the Opera Event

Greetings! Behold one of the finest musical instruments in all of Lordaeron. It's a true honor to perform for the Master and all his guests. Take a seat in the audience, I hear a show is starting soon.

After completing the Opera Event

Splendid! Wonderful! Such an excellent performance from a relative unknown! Do you have an agent, perhaps?

During the Riddle of Jenafur

Music is truly the key to happiness.

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