NeutralSecond Chances
Start Lord-Commander Arete
End Lord-Commander Arete
Level 80 (Requires 77)
Type Group (5)
Category Icecrown
Experience 27550
Reputation +455 Knights of the Ebon Blade
Previous N [80] In Strict Confidence
Next N [80G5] The Admiral Revealed


Kill Archbishop Landgren and then summon Arete's Gate in the presence of his corpse. Speak with Lord-Commander Arete inside Crimson Cathedral once he's completed his questioning of the archbishop's spirit.

Suggested Players [5]


I'd heard they have an archbishop in their cathedral, but I had no idea that they'd resurrected and promoted Landgren! The Crimson Cathedral is heavily guarded with only one entrance, so you'll need help.

We still need to know where the grand admiral is, but this time we're not taking any chances!

Take this device. It can be used to summon a gate for me to step through once you've killed the archbishop.

I'll have my answers directly from his compelled soul! We will find Grand Admiral Westwind!


Hidden caves on the backside of the island. How very interesting.

Well, at least now I know where all of my missing spies are.


Landgren is in the cathedral, which is carpeted by mobs. Take a group. Landgren now has 302,000 HP and 79,880 MP and will cast [Shadow Word: Pain] on each group member. If you don't have any heals, your only choice is to take him down with overwhelming DPS. He is flanked by two guards, but they are very easily killed. Do so, then take him down.

At 50% health

Archbishop Landgren yells: I will not die so quickly this time!

Once he's dead, summon Arete's Gate (a [Death Gate]) and he'll step through it.

Lord-Commander Arete says: Well done. Let's get this over with.
Arete walks up to Landgren's corpse.
Lord-Commander Arete says: Come, Landgren, cough up your soul so that I can ask you a very important question.
Arete channels a short spell onto Landgren's corpse and pulls out Landgren's Soul, which hovers in the air above your heads.
Landgren's Soul says: You'll get nothing out of me, monster. I am beyond your ability to influence.
Landgren's Soul says: No.
Lord-Commander Arete says: Then you leave me no choice. I won't say that I won't enjoy this.
Arete channels another spell, tourturing the captive soul. Only moments later:
Landgren's Soul says: STOP! It isn't worth it. I'll tell you where he is.
Lord-Commander Arete says: Very well. Tell me!
Landgren's Soul says: On the south end of the island is a cave -- a hidden hollow. The grand admiral has holed himself up in there, preparing for the final battle against the Lich King.
Lord-Commander Arete says: A hidden hollow? How very interesting. You've served your purpose, Landgren, but I'm afraid there'll be no resurrection for you this time!
Arete uses the spell to finish off Landgren.
Landgren's Soul yells: AAAEEEEIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........................................
Lord-Commander Arete says: Now that the unpleasantness is finished with, let's talk about you dealing with Grand Admiral Westwind.


  1. N [80] The Grand (Admiral's) Plan
  2. N [80] In Strict Confidence
  3. N [80G5] Second Chances
  4. N [80G5] The Admiral Revealed

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