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Secondary stat attunements are specialization-specific passive abilities which increase the amount of a particular secondary stat gained from all sources by 5%. Some also have additional effects.

Attunements are intended as a rough guideline to which secondary stat each spec should focus on. However, Spirit for healers and Bonus Armor for tanks are never increased by attunements, meaning these specializations will receive less direct benefits from their attunements.



Class Specialization Attunement Stat Other effects
Death knight Blood [Runic Strikes] Multistrike Yes
Frost [Icy Talons] Haste Yes
Unholy [Necrosis] Multistrike Yes
Druid Balance [Lunar Guidance] Mastery No
Restoration [Naturalist] Haste No
Feral [Sharpened Claws] Critical strike No
Guardian [Survival of the Fittest] Mastery No
Hunter Beast Mastery [Animal Handler] Mastery No
Marksmanship [Lethal Shots] Critical strike No
Survival [Lightning Reflexes] Multistrike No
Mage Arcane [Arcane Mind] Mastery No
Fire [Incineration] Critical strike No
Frost [Ice Shards] Multistrike No
Monk Brewmaster [Ferment] Critical strike No
Mistweaver [Jade Mists] Multistrike Yes
Windwalker [Battle Trance] Multistrike No
Paladin Holy [Sanctified Light] Critical strike No
Protection [Sacred Duty] Haste No
Retribution [Righteous Vengeance] Mastery No
Priest Discipline [Enlightenment] Critical strike Yes
Holy [Divine Providence] Multistrike Yes
Shadow [Mastermind] Haste No
Rogue Assassination [Master Poisoner] Mastery No
Combat [Combat Potency] Haste Yes
Subtlety [Sinister Calling] Multistrike Yes
Shaman Elemental [Elemental Overload] Multistrike Yes
Enhancement [Lightning Strikes] Haste No
Restoration [Purification] Mastery No
Warlock Affliction [Eradication] Haste No
Demonology [Demonic Tactics] Mastery No
Destruction [Devastation] Critical strike No
Warrior Arms [Weapon Mastery] Mastery No
Fury [Cruelty] Critical strike No
Protection [Shield Mastery] Mastery No

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Removed.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): All specializations now receive a 5% bonus to specific secondary stat bonuses received from all sources. This bonus is granted through new passive abilities or additional effects added to existing passive abilities.