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This article is about the comic installment. For the items obtained through secret or hidden objectives, see World of Warcraft secrets. For the one-time in-game event, see Secrets of Azeroth.
Author(s) Walter Simonson, Louise Simonson
Artist(s) Mike Bowden, Tony Washington
Pages 32
Publisher(s) Wildstorm
Publication date July 15, 2009
Format(s) Comic
Retail price US: $2.99
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Secrets is the 21st installment of World of Warcraft: The Comic.


King Varian is so focused on the Lich King and the recent Scourge attacks that he fails to notice Cho'gall's power and threat continue to grow. Plus, Maraad has kidnapped Garona — but to what nefarious end?


In Silithus, Med'an is once again assaulted by C'Thun's whispers. At the same time, Kathra'natir (still possessing Valeera) urges the boy to ignore the voices and instead give himself to the dreadlord in exchange for unimaginable power, an offer which Med'an resists. Meryl reflects that the youth's growing power has made him the prize in a battle between two dark entities and that he won't be able to hold them both off forever. The mage steps forward and taunts Kathra'natir into releasing Valeera and possessing him instead, pointing out that after three thousand years, the dreadlord is still too weak to do anything except possess a frail child. Incensed by the challenge, Kathra'natir's spirits erupts from Valeera's body and surges into the mage. After a moment of silence, Meryl regains control, though his white eyes now glow red. Valeera thanks him for freeing her. Meryl makes her promise to tell no one about his possession, then teleports himself, Med'an, and Valeera back to Theramore, where they meet with Jaina and Aegwynn.

Upon seeing Med'an, Aegwynn realizes with a start that he looks like Medivh and, like her son, is a beacon of power. While Jaina, Med'an, and Valeera walk to Garona's cell, Meryl and Aegwynn talk about Med'an's parentage; more specifically, that he is the son of Medivh and Garona. Aegwynn points out that Med'an is only an adolescent even though Medivh was killed almost thirty years ago. Meryl posits that it's due to the boy's mixed blood; human, orc, and something else. He confides that he hasn't had time to tell the boy about his father, and either way Med'an only just went through the shock of learning about his mother. Meanwhile, Jaina, Med'an, and Valeera enter Garona's cell only to discover that she has disappeared. Med'an wants to go out and search for her, but Jaina tells him that he needs to stay and rest for the night.

Meanwhile, Garona awakens in Onyxia's Lair and sees her captor, the draenei Vindicator Maraad, standing over her. She immediately tries to attack him, but he reveals that he is her uncle and that she is actually half-draenei. Specifically, she is the result of Gul'dan breeding one of his warriors to Maraad's sister, and Maraad has been searching for her ever since he learned of her birth. Startled by the revelation, Garona remembers being raised in barracks and hated by the other orcs for being ugly and deformed; a "wrong" face, feet that almost looked like hooves, and a somehow more human-like appearance. Gul'dan lied that she was half-human, sent her to Medivh, and compelled her to kill King Llane. Garona tells Maraad that Cho'gall still has Gul'dan's control word and could compel her to kill again. Since Maraad isn't able to remove the control, at least not yet, Garona concludes that the only way for her to be free is to kill Cho'gall or die.

In Theramore, Med'an overhears Meryl and Aegwynn talking about him. Aegwynn asks Meryl to find Garona, since Jaina will be bound by her promise to Varian to recapture the assassin. Shortly after, Valeera eavesdrops on Meryl telling Aegwynn that he's found Garona in Onyxia's Lair. The blood elf immediately sets off for the cave on a wyvern, with Med'an pursuing her on a gryphon.

Thinking that her son is still held by Cho'gall in Ahn'Qiraj, Garona prepares to leave Onyxia's Lair to rescue the boy but is interrupted when Valeera arrives. Maraad offers to distract the elf while Garona slips outside. As soon as Valeera enters the lair, Maraad attacks her. As they fight, the blood elf and draenei both demand to know what the other is doing in the cave.

Garona steals Valeera's wyvern and flies off but is met by her son, who explains how he was rescued. Garona replies that she needs to leave and is a danger to Med'an until the magic on her mind has been removed, which is why she left him with Meryl in the first place. She tells her son to meet with Maraad in the cave below, wait with him and Meryl, and tell Jaina Proudmoore everything he knows, since they may need to stop Cho'gall if she fails in her venture. First, however, he'll also need to rescue Valeera from the fight with Maraad. Mother and son part ways, both telling each other to be careful.

Med'an quickly enters the lair and pushes Maraad and Valeera apart with a blast of wind. Maraad realizes that the boy is his grand nephew. Suddenly, the voice in Med'an's head returns and assaults him with more whispers.

In Stormwind Harbor, Bolvar says a solemn farewell to Varian and Anduin as he prepares to depart with the Valiance Expedition to Northrend to establish a base near Angrathar. As the king and prince watch Bolvar leave, Anduin wonders if there's something wrong with himself for wishing for peace even though Varian loves to fight. The king assures his son that he is a valiant boy, and it is perhaps Varian that there is something wrong with for feeling most alive in battle. Varian continues that a terrible war is coming, but hopefully after the Lich King has been defeated, Anduin's time — a time of peace and healing — can begin. The king finishes by telling his son that "when that day comes, you will be greater than I".

Back in Onyxia's Lair, Maraad heals Med'an with the Holy Light, quieting the voice in his head. As Med'an prepares to teleport himself, Maraad, and Valeera to Theramore, he asks his uncle to teach him to wield holy magic, which Maraad agrees to. The group arrives in Theramore and meet with Jaina, Aegwynn, and Meryl. Maraad explains that he was led to Garona by a vision telling him that his niece would be instrumental in saving Azeroth and could help avert a coming catastrophe.

Med'an, Aegwynn, Maraad, Meryl, Valeera, and Jaina gather around a table to pool their information and decide what to do next. After recounting what they know of Cho'gall's plans, they conclude that with the armies of Azeroth focused on the Lich King, the best way to deal with the threat is to reform the ancient Council of Tirisfal. Privately, Aegwynn thinks to herself that she'll soon need to tell Med'an the truth about his father.

Garona arrives in Ahn'Qiraj on her wyvern and lands on top of a structure from which she overhears Cho'gall talking to his Twilight's Hammer minions. The ogre curses "the boy", remarking that he is as powerful as the prophecy said. The boy's power could supposedly release Cho'gall's master or destroy it, but his stubborn refusal to serve has left them with no choice. As he hears his master's voice in his heads, Cho'gall yells: "BRING ME THE BOY! BRING ME MED'AN!"


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